Describe some of the ways in which 1 Peter calls Christians to live godly lives. Then, choose one of these principles and explain how you currently apply it in your life, or how you could apply it in your life going forward.

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      Peter tells us that we need to be charitable to those in need, especially those in the family of God. I support a foundation that gives food to the poor but I can improve be looking within the local Christian community for ways to help those in need here.

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      Some of the ways Peter calls Christians to live godly lives is,
      husbands to be understanding with their wives
      to be harmonious, kindhearted and humble in spirit.
      to suffer by doing good, be obedient to God.
      The principle that I want to keep applying to my life is being obedient to God. Obedience is for me has been a challenge for me in some areas, and fear has caused impediment in those areas. I want to keep fighting fear and getting out of my comfort zone, to honor God with my obedience by facing uncomfortable situations and knowing that obedience brings blessings and experiences that only God can provide when I meet Him in service

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