Describe the difference between not doing something because it’s not right and not doing something because it’s not what we most deeply want to do.What do you most deeply want to do?

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      Not doing something that is wrong is a matter of being obedient, while not doing what I want shows the fleshly desire being on the move. Perhaps a lack of accepting the provisions of God too. It happens as we’re all inadequate and fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). I desire to walk with an appetite for God that is not only visible but more importantly that can be released to others.

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      It makes me think of is it work or is it faith that I am saved. Not doing something because it is not right and speaking to the knowledge or whether it is socially acceptable, is it lawful. However, not doing something because it is not the most deeply wanted thing is speaking to the heart desire, will I choose not to do it out of the love for people and for God.

      Living in a world that people are judgemental, words are hurtful, I feel like I have to have a lot of courage and reliance on God to overcome the negative thinking, worries of how people will react and continued to serve in my field to stand up for my faith.

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      To not do something because it’s “not right” is to simply deny ourselves the thing that we want. We may feel inclined to look at pornography, or to steal, or to do anything that makes life work for us. But ultimately, not doing that thing is just a choice to not do outward wrong.

      When we recognize that our desire to do those things is just a cheap replacement for what we really need, which is to have the joy of the Lord fill our soul, and to know him truly, then when we deny those things of ourselves, it is not just to stop an action, but it’s a shift in seeing what matters most to us, and what the heart and soul truly long for.

      Many days, I feel the pull of the material world. But I keep reminding myself that my hope doesn’t lie in things of this world, but in the promises of God.

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      Doing something “because its not right” is us being acted by the law outside ourselves. It is similar to Old Testament form of the law, approaching us externally. As Christians we have been given a new heart that desires from within to do what we know Christ would have us do. I most deeply want to have my internal world look more like the internal world of Christ.

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      Unless we know it is not right because it will bring pain and suffering to God, ourselves, and others and turn to His strength, then we will find reasons that it is ok to do. Our flesh will feel justified. If we have a deeper desire for God and accept Him and His justification of us then we will know His joy and find ways to make His joy more complete through Truth and loving relationships. Then the other desires will be not worth the pain. Then seeking Him and His will brings joy and that is worth it (giving up the other desires)!

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      Not doing something because it is not right is moralistic or legalistic.
      Not doing something because it’s not what we most deeply want to do is an deep appetite (indulgence) beyond gratification.
      I most deeply want to be with Him in all I do. Without His presence, nothing matters, nothing is gain, even if the work is a success.

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      Not doing something that is not right is realizing something is wrong and trying not to do it so you can do what is right and avoid the hurt and consequences of the bad, by trying to be good. Not doing something because it’s not what we most deeply desire is following the flow of what is already in us to do. As Christians, we most desire GOD, so that keeps us from doing things that would take us away from God’s presence. One, is you trying to force a behavior regardless of your motivation or inner desires. The other is you giving way to your greatest desires and not allowing lesser options distract you from what you want the most.

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