Describe the three types of people Bishop Mathews says every leader should surround themselves with. Do you have these people in your life? If so, describe each one and how they fill that role. If not, describe how you might get these people in your life.

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      The three types of people every leader should surround themselves with are: 1. Mentors, 2. Peers, and 3. Mentees. I believe I don’t have any of these people in my life. I realize I need different mentors for different parts of my life. In order of importance, these areas are: 1. Spiritual, 2. Recovery, 3. Financial, 4. Writing, and 5. Relationships. I need to reach out to certain people. I need to reach out to peers in each of these areas also. I will pray to God to bring the people he wants me to help and I will help them, despite what I think or feel.

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      The first type a person a leader should surround themselves with “someone you look up to”, “a peer, someone who is one your level”, and “people to mentor”. Yes, I have each of these types of people in my life. I look up to the Counselor at the school I teach at. She is my friend but also someone I am able to process life with. She is a a little bit older than me, thus she has a wider range of life experiences. She helps me navigate through situations and offers her wisdom. Someone on my level would be my husband. We are walking through life together and supporting one another through the various stages of marriage, parenthood, and life in general. It is helpful having a peer to through life with because they are experiencing very similar things. My students are the ones that I have the privilege of mentoring. They are young and impressionable. I take my role as a mentor very seriously and view it as God’s work. God ultimately places specific people in my life and allows me to speak truth into them.

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      A mentor or person you look up too. I have a longtime minister that has been been advising and ministering to my wife and I sine we gave our life to Christ.
      A peer that I can talk to on my level. Since I’ve kept my circle very small, my wife would be that person, because I can talk to her about issues without the cloak of being the Pastor.
      I’m mentoring brothers in the church who’s not yet comfortable assuming responsibilities, or participating in activities.

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      I’m part of a few different groups that offer mentorship and encourages mentee servitude. I also have friends I consider my peers, not by age, but by level of communication in the Word, were we build each other up and encourage one another in the Lord.

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      Bishop Mathews says every leader should surround themselves with three types of people:
      i. Someone that will mentor and guide you.
      ii. A peer, someone at the same level as you that you will discuss with.
      iii. The people around you that you are mentoring and pulling to new levels in their life.
      Our Mentors- We constantly seek out someone that can mentor us. Who does that better than Christ himself? We become mentored when we let him transform us and use us to help others.
      Our peer group- The key people in my church councils and my cell group leader are those that I would discuss to seek a solution to the problems that we are currently facing.
      People around us- These are church people around us, especially the new converts that we hope to mentor to seek out the Christian value.

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      The first person Bishop Matthews discusses is someone you look up to. I have one female minister I look up who is strong, resilient, and a powerful preacher, and teacher of God’s Words. She encourages and uplifts with poise and ease. I absolutely love this women of God and aspire to emulate some of her God ways. She pushes me to walk in my calling even though I don’t always see in me what she see’s on me. The next person Bishop Matthews talks about is a peer, I have a phenomenal peer whom I look to as one of my sisters. We are able to talk, vent and grow together. We have a divine connect which I thank God for as we have served in a few ministries together and completely complement the other. The third person Bishop Matthews talked about was the person you can mentor. I do have several people I am blessed to be able to mentor; on the job, within the community and the church. These are young ladies or not so young ladies whom I am able to share my knowledge and experiences with in an effort to help them grow in their careers and spiritually.

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