Describe the type of pattern you are currently setting for generations to come in your leadership role(s).

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      I hope I’m setting a pattern of being very available and willing to do a lot of work.

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      My hope is that I am living a life of holiness; a life that upholds Truth no matter the situation. The world is chipping away at integrity an the absolute truth of God’s Word. I want to stand for Him.

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      I am older and have had many leadership roles in church, business and as the leader of a Christian home. I can already see positive aspects my leaders style in my son and my Grandson who we adopted. Our son is a leader in a campus ministry and our Grandson a team leader at work. I have always tried to have an inclusive approach, seeking inputs from team members and stakeholders and getting them involved in the decisions. This makes it easier to create buy-in when actions are taken. In addition to inputs and empirical data I make every effort to get quantitative data to support decisions and actions. All this makes it easier to get “permission to lead” and creates a more loyal team. I also make a conscience effort to do as much or more work than I ask of any team member and value the contribution of team members, especially menial tasks. I see this leadership style appearing in my son and grandson. I fear I do not respond to the “critical moments” as well as I wish I must guard against jumping to solution an I often “post process” decisions too much. Fortunately my wife, also a lifelong leader, has great ability to stick with decisions and be comfortable without the agony of post-processing. I see this good feature from her being evidenced in my son and grandson now. My wife and I fully recognize that many elements of our approach is actually a heritage from my parents, and grandmother and her father.

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      The very first and most important pattern I am establishing is humility. That I don’t think higher of myself and I don’t take credit for what the Lord does. The second is to let the Lord do all the work so He gets all the Glory.

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      #7 Leadership sets a pattern for the future.
      I was a single parent mother of two kids I didn’t get saved till almost 30, my total focus was keeping food on the table an roof over there heads that meant a lot of time away from my kids working. I didn’t realize how it effected them till they got older my daughter has forever tried to give me my grands an my son doesn’t want kids. My father worked away from home an my mother was I’ll alot so we kids pretty much raised ourselves, pattern for future I try to help my daughter with the kids taking them to church spending quality time .I try to get my daughter to do the same but really not working .so I talk with the kids a let know that family time is important so make time slow down let God show you how to build better relationship with each other.

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      The pattern I am currently setting for the generations to come is poor. I have not been leading in a manner I feel I should. I was not looking to learn about leadership until I saw the link in today’s reading. I clicked on it and signed up. My hope and prayer is that God will direct and teach me how to be the leader He would have me be.

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      As a father I have made mistakes in the past regarding my leadership in my family. Thanks to the Lords forgiveness of my sins I am learning to be a better example for my children & future generations.

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      The pattern that I am setting for generations to come in my leadership roles is that no matter what happens or what others think, God is the head of my life and whatever He says goes, and His Word is the lamp to my feet and the light of my pathway. Psalm 119:105

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      Allan l.

      I want all my children to know who I was in the Lord.
      I want them to know that my servant hood to the Lord was the most important thing to me.
      I pray they would know where I want to go and to know My God and My Savior. What I have done or said in His Name be forever edged in their hearts.
      I want their children to know and remember me as the Lord’s servant who really loved Him and enjoyed serving Him.
      I want the Lord to be the Lord, the God and the Savior for all my family and children, even when I am gone.
      This I am and am doing since I saw it in my late father and mother.

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      I try to always exemplify Christ in my life through my decision making, and even when I must correct anyone under my leadership. This shows the compassion of Christ , the humbleness of a servant , and the wisdom God gifts to his people . Any by this others will pattern themselves not after the world but after the leadership of Christ. Jesus said follow me!

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      I hope that as a leader in my classroom the pattern I am setting is one of constant learning – that we cannot attain perfection, but can always seek to learn from our mistakes and learn more about the people and the world around us. I hope they see humility when I admit that I don’t know an answer to a question, but a drive for learning when I help us all look to the right paths to find answers.

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      I am trying to set a Godly pattern for the generations after me. I’m not always right and there are times when I fall but I am trying to set the right pattern. There have been times when I have gotten on my grandson for something only to find out that I was in the wrong not him. I’ve set him down and apologized and tried to set things right. I am trying to teach him that we all make mistakes and it is better to admit when you make a mistake and seek God’s and that person’s forgiveness.

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      The type of pattern I am currently setting for future generations is to work hard, expect obstacles, and preserver through. I have a quote hanging up in my house that says “we can do hard things”. I encourage my children to not give up and continue work even when things become “hard”. If God gave us a comfortable and easy life, then we would never need to fully rely on Him for guidance. I see “hard things” as blessing because we have the privilege of turning to God and relying on His presence in our lives.

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      I’d like to set a good working example. What that means is that I like to walk the walk; do as I do, and say as long as it matches the word of God.

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      As a leader, I am trying to teach future generations the importance of God’s grace and steadfastness. When we rely on our own merit, we will continually fall short. However, at first we might feel successfull because we have achieved “the job”, “the home”, “the family”, etc. As time goes on, obstacles come upon us that slowy (or sometimes abruptly) show us we have very little control over this life. At those trying moments we can choose to let God lead and allievate the stress or we can take action into our own hands. I have so many times learned this the hard way and thought that “my solution” was better than Gods. But, time and time again I learn that God’s way always offers the most comfort (though in the moment it not feel like it). Thus, when a “strom” confronts me and I am in a leadership, I will strive to demonstrated God’s grace and steadfasntess in how I respond to the situation.

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      I am trying to set the pattern of following God’s precepts and the Word of God in all I do. Precepts come from the Bible, but the Bible also contains so much more. If I am teaching, I need to be living what I teach. If I do that, hopefully my example will lead others to step out and follow God the right way.

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      I would describe faith as a ‘type’ and daily living with faith as the ‘pattern’ that is currently set as my leadership role. Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder for those that diligently seek Him.” Faith, to me, is everything the Word of God says it is. Striving to live by that belief brings indescribable peace and joy. Modeling that peace and joy through kindness, patience, endurance, and love is made possible by my daily seeking Him and submitting to His indwelling Holy Spirit. The toughest part is not understanding how immeasurable His love and mercy, which is new every morning, really is. My adult children are concerned for the current events our world is now facing. My challenge to them is to remember Christ died for all; and praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ is necessary, and likewise, prayer for their enemies is too. This is a life lesson I am still learning. As a leader and guide I find myself motivated to learn along with my children and grandchildren as daily situations and world events arise, creating in our family an influencing team of believers.

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      I would ensure my next generation will continue to follow biblical principles because these principles are timeless and proven true and will lead us to real godly success.

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      I am currently learning to grow up from a boy to an adult to a man to a father. Somewhere between manhood and fatherhood, the role of leader may be shaped. There is what I have set in the past as a leader. There is what I am currently setting. And there what I want to set for “my” generations (my sons, my lineage) the pattern of leadership I want them to learn from. I need to learn to lead myself wisely. I need to both trust and obey God. I think He wants to both lead me and lead myself (this may be connected to God’s insistence on man’s Free Will). Today, I will both follow God’s leadership in my life and I will lead myself in the direction God wants me to go.

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