Describe the type of pattern you are currently setting for generations to come in your leadership role(s).

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      The type of pattern I am currently setting for future generations is to work hard, expect obstacles, and preserver through. I have a quote hanging up in my house that says “we can do hard things”. I encourage my children to not give up and continue work even when things become “hard”. If God gave us a comfortable and easy life, then we would never need to fully rely on Him for guidance. I see “hard things” as blessing because we have the privilege of turning to God and relying on His presence in our lives.

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      I’d like to set a good working example. What that means is that I like to walk the walk; do as I do, and say as long as it matches the word of God.

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      As a leader, I am trying to teach future generations the importance of God’s grace and steadfastness. When we rely on our own merit, we will continually fall short. However, at first we might feel successfull because we have achieved “the job”, “the home”, “the family”, etc. As time goes on, obstacles come upon us that slowy (or sometimes abruptly) show us we have very little control over this life. At those trying moments we can choose to let God lead and allievate the stress or we can take action into our own hands. I have so many times learned this the hard way and thought that “my solution” was better than Gods. But, time and time again I learn that God’s way always offers the most comfort (though in the moment it not feel like it). Thus, when a “strom” confronts me and I am in a leadership, I will strive to demonstrated God’s grace and steadfasntess in how I respond to the situation.

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      I am trying to set the pattern of following God’s precepts and the Word of God in all I do. Precepts come from the Bible, but the Bible also contains so much more. If I am teaching, I need to be living what I teach. If I do that, hopefully my example will lead others to step out and follow God the right way.

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      I would describe faith as a ‘type’ and daily living with faith as the ‘pattern’ that is currently set as my leadership role. Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder for those that diligently seek Him.” Faith, to me, is everything the Word of God says it is. Striving to live by that belief brings indescribable peace and joy. Modeling that peace and joy through kindness, patience, endurance, and love is made possible by my daily seeking Him and submitting to His indwelling Holy Spirit. The toughest part is not understanding how immeasurable His love and mercy, which is new every morning, really is. My adult children are concerned for the current events our world is now facing. My challenge to them is to remember Christ died for all; and praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ is necessary, and likewise, prayer for their enemies is too. This is a life lesson I am still learning. As a leader and guide I find myself motivated to learn along with my children and grandchildren as daily situations and world events arise, creating in our family an influencing team of believers.

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      I would ensure my next generation will continue to follow biblical principles because these principles are timeless and proven true and will lead us to real godly success.

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      I am currently learning to grow up from a boy to an adult to a man to a father. Somewhere between manhood and fatherhood, the role of leader may be shaped. There is what I have set in the past as a leader. There is what I am currently setting. And there what I want to set for “my” generations (my sons, my lineage) the pattern of leadership I want them to learn from. I need to learn to lead myself wisely. I need to both trust and obey God. I think He wants to both lead me and lead myself (this may be connected to God’s insistence on man’s Free Will). Today, I will both follow God’s leadership in my life and I will lead myself in the direction God wants me to go.

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