Describe ways in which you currently function as a leader (for example, as a spouse or in a workplace or volunteer position). How can you incorporate primal, adaptive, and spiritual/moral leadership models in your leadership roles?

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      Primal- When listening to coaches assessing their body language, tone of voice, exhaustion or energy level
      Adaptive- listening and providing questions to help them brain storm and figure out possible solutions to their problems
      Spiritual/Moral- praying for people, memorizing scripture so I can share it with others to point them to Christ, reading consistently from the word to provide Biblical wisdom and stories to share with others.

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      I am currently in a leadership position at my church and strive to be a better leader as I grow in all areas. Primal leadership qualities allow me to be in touch not only with the feelings of those around me but also managing my personal emotions. Through this lesson I know that there is room for growth as I attempt to master adaptive leadership. I tend to want to do things for people instead of encouraging them to find the ability within. Sort of like giving a person a fish sandwich instead of teaching them how to fish. Finally as I follow Christ in my quest to be a better person so that I can better serve and lead affectively I will continue to seek ways to improve each day.

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      As a primal leader, I must not only be in touch with who I am and my feelings, but also with the possible situations that people that I am leading may be dealing with. Adaptive leading: I should be able to help people effectively grow through their situations. Lastly, spiritual and moral leadership, I should make sure that I am growing in maturity to avoid being judgemental.

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      as a spouse I should dive deep enough and listen enough to understand how my partner is feeling what she’s feeling and how I am feeling with my feelings.
      as an adaptive leader by listening intently I must help my partner realize the decision and action she alone must do to overcome what she sees as a challenge.
      as a spiritual leader I need to see how I can fully be equip as a follower of Jesus to properly respond when issues arise between my partner and I.

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      As a mother and grandmother, friend, and mentor. I use my strengths and experiences to answer their questions as well as guide them in learning with me what I may not know and ask of them helpful suggestions when we work on solutions to issues together.

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      As I have grown in my faith I have learned, understood, and applied what it means to be a servant. I have also learned that I need to understand the roles of those who I work and serve with to clearly understand their roles by either doing the tasks myself or have in depth conversations so that I can help lead them to where they need to be and to where we need to get to. I cannot be effective leader if I have not gone into areas in which I am asking others to go.

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      I have always been a leader who listened and then encouraged others to seek solutions. In my current role, I know I need to always grow in my own walk with Christ in order to lead others to being disciples. I have to manage myself and understand where others are coming from. I must guide them towards the tools necessary to grow their own journey and make those decisions. I need to lead by example.

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      I am a wife and I work for FCA in girls ministry and as an area director. The biggest place that comes to mind is in the lives of our students who are learning Servant Leadership. I can incorporate these into my meetings with them, especially the adaptive portion which I likely lack, and help them in this way. This section was a good reminder for me to lead them in the ways that I cannot help them and adapt their trainings accordingly.

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      As a spouse.
      Primal- being aware of the best times to bring up conversations based on mood/feelings.

      In my job.
      Adaptive- not always giving the answer.

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      I need to appeal to my student athletes by leveling with them and what their emotions and feelings are through situations and circumstances we experience.

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      I would listen better to my wife and apply Spiritual Leadership is through discipling Coaches and Athletes through FCA.

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      I work with FCA, I’m a leader to student athletes. I can lead by example more. I want to appeal to their feelings as a high school student. I can relate more to how they process and feel about different situations and lead through that. As a husband I need to adapt to the different feelings of my wife while being the spiritual head of the household through love.

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      As a spouse I can listen better and empathize rather than trying to always be a problem solver.

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      I’m typically pretty outwardly passionate when I lead within FCA. However, I need to be aware of myself when I’m not feeling energetic and make sure I’m still leading with purpose. I tend to want to just answer all the questions and solve all the problems for people but I want to be more adaptive and lead with questions that should lead individuals to come to conclusions and answers themselves so they are developing as individuals.

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      In my home as a husband and father, as a Character Coach, as an athletic director, and as a member of my church. I can incorporate it by being open to different opportunities yet still care for my home first like it says in the Bible.

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      In my home, as a Character Coach and Elder in my church. All 3 leadership models need to be used depending on the situation and the follower I am leading.

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      Spouse i use primal leadership to understand what my wife is going through on a daily basis and how to best interact with her. Adaptive leadership can be used when interacting with different coaches in different situations, actually spiritual/moral and primal can also be used in these situations to gauge where the coach is on a specific day and what God is calling me to do.

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      Katie Harrell

      As a parent I need to use adaptive leadership in him trying to figure out things. As a spouse, parent, and in my job I have to be a primal leader to get the the root of issues and to help them grow. Being a spiritual leader is going to help me rely on the Holy Spirit to know the best way in leading and reaching their soul.

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      Working with FCA, primal leadership is key as we build relationship and disciple coaches and athletes. Being able to empathize and stay reliant to the Holy Spirit within us to be attuned to our own heart/emotions and the heart/emotions of those we’re interacting with. Adaptive leadership is important within FCA because things change all the time, whether schedules, opportunities, demands, rules, schools. Being adaptive, again helps me as a leader to continue putting people first. Spiritual leadership helps my soul continue to be served and grow so that, in turn, I can’t serve others like Christ.

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      I can and do use all of them. One specific example is through Spiritual Leadership is through discipling Coaches and Athletes through FCA.

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      Working with FCA, there are plenty of leadership opportunities. Primal being the relational aspect of FCA, adaptive being shown in allowing things to be student led, and spiritual/moral keeping things on track

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      As husband incorporated primal with my wife on cooking food for family, adaptive help the kids to find by themselves questions they are trying to figure out and and spiritual leader to change first before asking others to change.

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      I think the most impactful part of the primal leadership lesson was making sure I have dealt with myself before dealing with other people. I need to grow there. I can also grow in helping people solve their own problems. I need to be more intentional at having a plan to grow myself too.

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      I oversee a team of people. I can be adaptive, but helping people discover the answers for themselves and not just use my authority to tell them what to do.

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      Primal is very important as a parent and husband. It is important to not bring negative feelings from your day, home with you. It is also important to know what they are feeling to know how to interact.

      Adaptive helps set your players and children up to grow. If you answer everything for them, they won’t be able to function when your not there.

      Spiritual and moral is, like stated, the key to take care of your walk so you can use adaptive leadership to grow your children and those you lead in their walk with Christ.

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      Our Daily Bread
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