Discuss C.S. Lewis’ statement, “If God had granted all the silly prayers I’ve made in my life, where would I be now?”

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      I believe sometimes we pray about things that really don’t have any real meaning in our lives. Sometimes the things we pray for may actually be harmful to us or someone else.

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      Because of our inability to see the future, many of our prayers could be classified as “silly”. Even when we were young in Christ, we didn’t know what to ask for or how to pray. That’s why Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to help us with our prayers.

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      Sometimes we pray for something without realizing that it was not the best available option for us. God has a better plan for each of us. Had God granted all Lewis’ prayers, he would not be what he is now. So, God’s mercy is sometimes a reason for the unanswered prayer.

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      If we look back, there are times when- if we had gotten what we asked for- we would have missed out on the greater blessings that God had planned for us. There are also times when we ask for things that we know are selfish or even wrong, but we can justify them in our minds. God would never answer a prayer such as that, and we can thank him that he doesn’t.

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      We don’t have all the facts concerning our lives and our lives in the future, however our Father in heaven knows all the facts and our future. We ask in prayer in the realm of what we know at that moment in time ,yet we may by circumstance or revelation become aware of additional facts or events that could result in a paradigm shift of heart or thought regarding that prayer if answered according to our request may have netted a disastrous or unfavourable result.

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      Sometimes, the prayers that we pray may be meaningful, heartfelt yet if answered could do us more harm than good. In the moment of our distress, we could see our solution as one way but God knows all and is able to make sure we don’t take the wrong path.

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      I think I would be something that I would not want to be. Sometimes my prayers are not inline with His will for me.

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