Discuss Dr. Banks’ statement that when we live prayerfully in the moment with God, “He will take us places and show us things that we otherwise would not see.”

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      When we truly pray to Him with our hearts, minds and souls in line with Him He blesses us by showing His love for us and takes us to a place full of content and joy that we would not know without Him leading us. He blesses us with His presence with we come prayerfully to Him with our hearts tuned to Him and Him alone.

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      Living in the moment with God refers to our prayer relationship with Him. How we consciously desire to seek Him and spend time with Him. We ask Him to fill us with His Spirit enabling us to see things that we sometimes take for granted.

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      God speaks through other lips. He directs people to talk to me . It is to me like He is pointing to me the better ways. It makes me glad to hear Him and be assured that He is near.

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      When we live prayerfully in the moment with God, He will open our eyes to a myriad of changes or options that are available to us to solve our problems. Besides, praying for others also afforded the same opportunity to others to experience transformational changes in their lives.

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      If we are too busy with our thoughts and our lives and our busyness and problems, we have no room to see God’s view of the world. We are stuck in the temporal plane, but God wants to show us more than that. He wants to show us the eternal, spiritual, and supernatural world, which we cannot see if we do not live with God.

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      When we are focused on God, giving Him our full attention free from distractions including the concerns we have over the issues we are bringing Him in prayer- it opens our minds to be receptive to the places and things of God that He longs to give us insight to.
      When you go with God, you get what God gives…

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      Too often we focus on ourselves and our problems, missing out on the promises. Joseph is a great example of living prayerfully in the moment with God. Although he experienced great challenges, with God he was exploded to powerful people. This exposure prepared him for the awesome role God had in his life.

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      We are spiritually blind, so when we pray in the moment we have our eyes open to what He has for us .

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