Discuss, in your own words, the limitations of biblical archaeology. Why is it important to understand these limitations?

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      Biblical archaeology is a relatively new science and therefore is not yet totally exact in all it’s assumptions. It is also limited in revisiting previously excavated sites particularly in & before the late 1930’s as these sites having been already excavated may tend to provide inaccurate info if they are revisited later. More sophisicated techniques now exist which in time may prove that previous assumptions were inaccurate in already excavated sites. Soil layers ,etc. have been disturbed making it difficult to impossible to come to an accurate conclusion.
      Also there are an abundance of unexcavated sites already identified and others yet that have not been discovered —some 5000 alone in Israel & Jordan. These when excavated , if ever, may reveal yet unknown facts about a Biblical event. But , Biblical archaeology has proven to be a very valuable discipline in giving us an ever unfolding picture & understanding of ancient civilizations & particularly of the history of Israel.
      Archaeology’s limitations is important to understand as archaeology is not needed to prove the accuracy of God’s Word particularly when it comes to matters of faith. It does bring light to history, customs and culture of ancient peoples,etc. Archaeology does have it’s limitations however and we cannot entirely rely on it’s findings & assumptions.

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