Discuss the following statement: Wisdom for relating does not consist of coming up with good advice. It rather begins with good theology.

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      Good understanding of Theology (Who God is) is fundamental to our understanding of who we are, and how we relate to God and to one another.
      We will never have exhaustive knowledge of Him, but since He has revealed himself in creation and Scripture, through in Jesus, we can have true knowledge of him.
      The heart of Christian theology is that God is one God revealed in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are each intimately involved in both creation (see Gen. 1:1–2 and John 1:1–3) and redemption (see 2 Thess. 2:13–14). And so it makes perfect biblical, theological, and practical sense to address them each in caring for others. This is a deep mystery but also very practical. Our theology always profoundly informs and impacts our practice.
      We love because He first love us! He is our source and our end.

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      Good advice do not represent godly wisdom. They may temporarily fix the external problems. But they don’t address the often overlooked fundamental calling of being an image bearer of God. Our triune God created us to be relational beings and given us the capacity to enjoy quality relations. Especially with God first and then others. We are created to desire, perceive, choose and feel. Above all, to glorify and magnify God,

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      Advice can help or divert someone from the true problems corrupting their image bearing ability. One wants to seek God in relationship as the highest priority, advice, or wisdom can sometimes take away the needed change or confrontation of the truth needed and take away from the individual getting closer to God, thus not allowing the Holy Spirit to be shown and move in their soul to change themselves and the problem at hand, Choosing Gods way is the only way that will truly save are corruption as a bearer of His image to let Him shine through and not ourselves or the other individual.

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      Wisdom must be Godly, and without sound theology,particularly re the trinity and the relationship of the 3in1 Godhead, we cannot give the right advice .Nor are we dealing with the primary issue of relationships and bearing the image of God

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