Discuss the following statement: Wisdom for relating does not consist of coming up with good advice. It rather begins with good theology.

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      The Larger Story is that God made us in His image. The image became corrupted and SoulCare brings us closer to restoring the image when love is released relationally. Without it, we are playing whack a mole with all the complexities and sufferings of life. This is our foundation. We are made in His image.

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      As we discussed in the previous module, our focus isn’t the immediate problem (for which there may be a range of helpful solutions). Rather, our goal is the bigger picture, the bigger vision, a more ambitious vision. Advice won’t get us to that ambitious vision as achieveing that is beyond our power and control anyway. But, by understanding the theology that underpins SoulCare, we can begin to understand the direction we are moving in and the tools that people need to get there (i.e. being able to relate just as God relates in and through Trinity).

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      The wisdom of God has everything to do with taking your eyes off self. When I relate to someone by showing the example of what I did or telling my story, the focus is more on my self than truly caring for the other person. Recognizing that this person was created to be like God, should propel me to help them see how to relate to God and others. Only when I’m striving to get below the iceberg, to see the God-given soul can I pause and listen for the Holy Spirit’s direction.

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      the scripture in james 1:5, says that if any one lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. God supplies us with the wisdom to do & become. If we are trying to relate to someone we don’t know & who we didn’t create , it would make since that because we are specifically designed , shaped, woven together by God for his purpose in this earth to accomplish his plans we would need His wisdom to beable to communicate effectively & divinly. God knows our needs & His word is the x-ray machine. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom all those who practice it have a good understanding ps 111:10. our wisdom & understanding comes out of reverence for God & a heart to want to serve & obey. We truly relate & communicate effectively when our hearts motives & purpose is holy & pure.

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      This is such new revelational insight to me. I’m always concerned about how to help the person fix their problem or get out of his/her situation. Now i recognize the real problem from God’s Word is … we bear the image of God, but it has been corrupted. The issue is how do we relate like God.
      Now i need to learn and train myself to see others as God’s image bearer. I need to understand these things for myself as well. I bear the image of God. What is preventing me from relating like God towards my husband, my children.

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      It is so true as having good theology always get back to focus on God and open up the possibilities that we see in others rather than relying on ourselves to come up with advice that will be good. The later will very soon put pressure on our abilities and not as much as others and can lead us away from God.

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      Literally the first natural reaction any person has to hearing about somebodies life is relating with a similar experience, an experience of others, or some simple advice. From what we have learned this far none of these are appropriate first response.

      The reason relating begins with good strategy is because we have to recognize that the individual we are providing soul care to is the image bearer of God. We recognize that their deepest joy is in relating to God and relating to others in community. And one of our objectives, after vision and an inward look at ourselves, is to understand what is hindering this image bearers relating to God and their community.

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      I remember the saying, “what would Jesus do?” Rather than offer a human perspective on solving a problem, we are instructed to read the Bible, pray for wisdom, and seek the Spirit’s guidance. Excellent advice and Soul care adds looking at the image of God to help someone discover how to relate to others.

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      Wisdom helps me remember that I was created for relationship more than that life works well. If I relate well, I feel complete as a person. This is also true of the person I am discussing life with. They want relationship more than advice.

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      Understanding we bear the image of God and so does the person we are relating to is the foundation. Biblical theology and wisdom tell us that God is Trinity who relates well. When we receive His love and forgiveness in our fallenness, then extend that, then we can relate well with others.

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      I really liked this statement. It has become clear in my life. Good advice changes based on so many little details. Grounding a child may work for one; a long talk about what’s in their heart may get across to another. So advice, based entirely on our own experiences, is futile. But when we look at theology, and know the character of God, and we know that the Holy Spirit leads us in spirit and in truth, we can move forward looking to the promises and truths of God to lead the way. Sometimes it’s not the situation that needs to change, it’s the person experiencing it.

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      As soon as I feel like I have to come up with good advice, I instantly feel pressure. It sometimes helps the person improve their circumstance or perspective, but does not result in any real or lasting change and does not draw the person closer to Jesus. Loving God first and foremost and loving others next must be foundational to every relational encounter.

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      Good understanding of Theology (Who God is) is fundamental to our understanding of who we are, and how we relate to God and to one another.
      We will never have exhaustive knowledge of Him, but since He has revealed himself in creation and Scripture, through in Jesus, we can have true knowledge of him.
      The heart of Christian theology is that God is one God revealed in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are each intimately involved in both creation (see Gen. 1:1–2 and John 1:1–3) and redemption (see 2 Thess. 2:13–14). And so it makes perfect biblical, theological, and practical sense to address them each in caring for others. This is a deep mystery but also very practical. Our theology always profoundly informs and impacts our practice.
      We love because He first love us! He is our source and our end.

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      Good advice do not represent godly wisdom. They may temporarily fix the external problems. But they don’t address the often overlooked fundamental calling of being an image bearer of God. Our triune God created us to be relational beings and given us the capacity to enjoy quality relations. Especially with God first and then others. We are created to desire, perceive, choose and feel. Above all, to glorify and magnify God,

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      Advice can help or divert someone from the true problems corrupting their image bearing ability. One wants to seek God in relationship as the highest priority, advice, or wisdom can sometimes take away the needed change or confrontation of the truth needed and take away from the individual getting closer to God, thus not allowing the Holy Spirit to be shown and move in their soul to change themselves and the problem at hand, Choosing Gods way is the only way that will truly save are corruption as a bearer of His image to let Him shine through and not ourselves or the other individual.

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      Wisdom must be Godly, and without sound theology,particularly re the trinity and the relationship of the 3in1 Godhead, we cannot give the right advice .Nor are we dealing with the primary issue of relationships and bearing the image of God

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