Discuss the SoulCare concept that Christianity is not about a better life; it is about a better hope.

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      A better life seeks to direct our life to find pleasures in legitimate desires – pursuing a secure and fulfilling job, a happy family, relationships with friend, knowledge … (Ecc 8:15-17)
      A better hope is about knowing and drawing near to God – the Hope of Glory for a hopeless us/world. Resting in a better hope is not by strategizing, nor figuring out the principle that works. It’s, rather, a listening to the voice of the Spirit who moves us into the presence of the Father. It is not the absence of a storm, but in the midst of as storm – my anchor is in Christ who calms the storm in my heart.

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      It is easy to aim for a better life, but it is only when we realize that satisfaction is found in a better hope that we will find true fulfillment. Our human tendency is to believe that the better life, a better house, health, happy families, secure jobs, and wealth are going to supply what our heart is longing for. But when we realize that our true longings are rooted in longing for life in Jesus we will be able to shift our focus to reaching for a better hope. A better hope will not necessarily take away our pain or disappointment in life, but it will pull our eyes to what Jesus really wants for us, and what he longs to offer us, which is life and relationship with him.

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      The better life is all of self ie. wanting what we think is best for ourself.,but usually not what God wants of us. The better hope the ultimate. It includes firstly the “Hope “ of eternal life for the non believer, and then the hope of living our lives according to God’s will

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      Doing A plus B = C does not work, trying to correct things according to black and white rules does not work with a corrupted soul, brokenness turns us back toward God, Repentance turns us back to Him, following a set of rules, or doing what’s right is not the key, surrendering and letting him rule is not the answer, Christ lives within us, the Spirit can move us toward him, the corruption is to much. It is damming and unfixable on our own, but the Spirit lifts us and leads us to the renewed closeness we can have with the trinity, through the Holy Spirit, that is the Hope, being reunited in the Dance with the Trinity.

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