Do you agree with Kerby Anderson’s comment, “If everything was just wonderful here, we wouldn’t really want to leave this life”?

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      I do agree. Since life on this earth is a roller coaster (up’s and downs) we look forward to the promises of a place called heaven where everything will be wonderful for eternity. That is a human answer not taking into account the opportunity to worship and praise our creator.

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      I keep thinking of the movies I have seen, the people I read about and other things where they want to stop the aging process and look and feel young. It is of course futile. But I do agree with Kerby Anderson’s comment, which is why I believe we are supposed to get old and fall apart physically. It makes u slong to be heaven where we will be perfect

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      That is probably true for most people, but this world is imperfect and will always be. Wonderful for us is often based on circumstances, but heaven will be consistently perfect!

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      Yes. Because of the pain in this world, I long for Heaven. It’s exciting to think about leaving all of this behind for somewhere that is perfect.

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      I agree in part. That being said, if we believers keep ourselves emersed in the Bible we will keep our eager expectation of the return of Christ.

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      Yes, I do agree with this to a certain extent. Although if everything went our way, would we be bored without adversity and challenges in life? On the otherhand, had Adam and Eve not sinned, man would still live the way God intended. But then God knew that mankind would sin, so was His intent to create us in spite of knowing we would sin?

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      That seems like a terrible way to live I would rather think of it if things here are good we can see glimpses of how much better things could be and that is even more exciting.

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      Yes if everything was good here there would be no reason for us to want to leave and there would be no need for people to seek salvation.

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      Yes. When things are wonderful or ideal, we have no reason to want to leave. We want to leave because we want to reach the only perfect world.

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      Absolutely yes! We see it in many ways. Athletes don’t want to leave a good team, children don’t want to leave a good birthday party, families don’t want to leave a long-awaited reunion. No one wants to leave what is good.

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      No one wants to leave what is good. If it is good, we want more. If life were wonderful, leaving wouldn’t be necessary because there wouldn’t be something better to look forward to.

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