Do you believe that choosing righteousness can neutralize your enemies? Explain.

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      I believe that choosing righteousness can neutralize your enemies because when you do nothing to retaliate, it is communicating that God is more important than revenge. God hates revenge and calls us to “love our neighbor”. When you are displaying one of the ten commandements (love your neighbor) it will show the enemy that they are worthy of love. Not just any love, but love from the God of the universe. When someone is confronted with such a beautiful promise, the anger they once carried should melt away and the situation should be diffused.

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      I believe choosing righteousness can neutralize my enemies. I am responsible for taking the right actions. I am not responsible for the outcomes. God is responsible for those outcomes. I can trust God to neutralize my enemies. My enemies are His enemies.

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      Yes, because I’ve seen it work in my life. I took a new supervisor position eight months ago I came with fifteen years experience from a much larger facility. I was teamed up with someone who had twenty years experience at the current location, anything I did or suggested was ridiculed. She intentionally withheld information that would help me be successful, but I always kept a smile on my face, treated her and the employees well and witnessed when the opportunity presented itself. One day she started scolding a new employee about the color of her clothes, and I openly disagreed with her actions. She went to our Director and said that I displayed division between leadership because I disagreed with her in front of the employee. The next Monday I was moved to night shift, assigned to physically work along side the employees to help improve their productivity while the other night Supervisor sit at her desk and watch the activity on the computer. I stayed in good spirits and worked just as hard as my employees, and told of GOD’s goodness every chance I got . Five months later I was asked to come back and run first shift while my first Co Supervisor was out for a week. Not knowing that the employees had been reporting how awful she was treating them, and they wanted me back to be their Supervisor, because I treated them with respect. Well after her week off they demoted her to another position, and gave me the sole responsibility of Supervising the same shift I was kicked off. Praise GOD !!!

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      Seeing these examples in scripture and in this lesson, yes. I also believe God will do what He wills to do in preserving the lives of His elect and anointed. I’m recalling one such biblical detail in Genesis 12 where Abraham lied about Sarah. Bad things could have happened, but God intervened. Turning the situation around from a potential disaster into His will and to this day we give Him the Glory. Sometimes it is hard when life choices seem easy enough to handle, but I am still learning that having faith and believing God’s direction in every big and little step is serious and essential.

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      First and foremost, we need to define the term “righteousness.” In the broadest sense, righteousness can be defined as “the condition of being acceptable to God as made possible by God.” To be righteous is to be right with God.
      I believe that a righteous man could thwart the attack by an enemy because he can pray for God’s wisdom and intervention. James 5:16 “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

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