Do you currently have a group of good traveling companions, as discussed in this lecture? If so, describe the ingredients they offer you and how they are helpful to you. Where might you need additional companions to fill in gaps? If you don’t currently have a group of good traveling companions, where might you seek them out, what would you look for in them, and why?

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      I have been to different campaigns and organizations with other members from the clubhouse I attend and I have had a terrific time.

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      I definitely do not have a group of good traveling companions. I have a few companions but not ones that will would be a spiritually good support for me. I actually don’t how to seek them out, but after taking this lesson, I definitely know what to look for in them, and which ones I will need in my life going forward.

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      I do! I have a small group of women that I can rely on no matter what. One is great at helping me see the lawful side of things, one is great at helping me to see how I deserve to be treated, and the other is great at loving me no matter what! I couldn’t do it without them!

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      Yes I do. They are very honest and loving even when it maybe something hard for me to take. I appreciate it because they continue to help me grow. I honestly feel that I don’t need to add any more because each one has a special gift that is different.

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