Do you see aiming too low as an act of idolatry? Why or why not?

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      “Aiming too low” is replacing our consuming passion from who God is and what He can give, with other forms of persons, place, or things. In this sense, it is an act of idolatry. We move away from God, and turn to other forms to satisfy us. Dissatisfaction in life is near the root of all kinds of sin.

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      When the desires become demands and they are for self satifactiin. Self centered and not God centered. These can become an act idolatory indeed!

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      Yes and no, The garden of Eden we fell, chose wrong, but she we wallow in that mistake or seek to correct it and move on and learn. It is a journey, not a done deal. it is an adventure in discovering who and what God designed you to be. Repeating the same choices, mistakes and just not advancing, yes big mistake, but getting up trying again ands seeking God in relationship after each fall, priceless

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