Do you strive to hear from God? How do you do this? What intentional steps do you take to hear from Him? Or how could you do this if you don’t already?

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      Yes. I strive to hear from God. I have learned to get quiet and patiently listen. I have cried out for Him to speak to me. I search scripture for Him to speak to me. I have learned that He does t always answer right away, but He does answer.

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      I strive to hear from God in my prayer life by listening more, and talking (praying) less.

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      I strive to hear to God daily. I do this by studying my Word and prayer. I take time as much as I can to find a quiet place to hear Him respond. It’s hard for me to hear from Him in the busyness of the day.

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      I do strive to hear from God by praying and waiting on his response. Sometime I find myself in a flesh fight , but the Bible says they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. I Have to stop looking at my situation and put my eyes on Jesus . This gives me comfort and patience to wait on him.

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      I think I try to hear from God the way I want Him to communicate with me rather than the way He wants to communicate with me. And why should God speak to me if I have shown a past history of not listening? Forgive me, God. Help me to listen to You the way you want to communicate to me and help me to listen.

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      Yes, of course I strive to hear from God. Although, life often gets busy and His voice become muffled. When God’s voice starts to get muffled in my life, I try to slow down and create intentional opportunities for God to meet me where I am. Nature is a place where I often “hear from God” and experience His presence. When I alone and walking through God’s beautiful landscapes, I am able to meditate on his Word and “hear” His voice.

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      I strive to hear from God through morning devotion and prayer, reading and studying his word, being in a constant sense of praise and worship throughout the day. Seeking wisdom through ways of learning like this lesson.

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      Yes, by regularly praying and reading the scriptures.

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      By setting my alarm two hours before sunrise for prayer. Being a student of The Word. Writing out my prayers. Presenting my written plans to God. Seeking wisdom and direction from the Holy Spirit. Keeping a journal of the Lord’s responses, answers, and love encounters. It is has become as custom to me as breathing, an all consuming fire.

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      Our lives are noisy, and our heads are filled with many voices vying for attention and influence. As for me, I will always pray to God for clear guidance on how to take the next step. This step is important because we all desire to do the right thing and make the wisest choices as followers of Jesus. Yet, we are constantly being bombarded with the noise of the world all around us. Therefore, I will always seek to pray in a quiet place or when driving alone because this allowed me to pray loud and clear. These are times when we can seek God’s guidance through reading His words and peer’s recommendation after our prayer.

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