Do you think that the emergence of the modern state of Israel was worth the suffering of the Holocaust, which gave birth to this new nation?

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      I hesitate to say yes, simply that I would wish the suffering from Holocaust never came to be and there was another way to modern state of Israel. But it is hard to deny what has transpired as a result and the good that has come from God for His people

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      I don’t think anyone would choose to see the suffering of the Israelites through the Holocaust given the choice. I think it is challenging to make the statement that it was “worth” it.

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      I wouldn’t say it was necessarily worth it, but God used it for good.

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      I believe the modern state of Israel was worth the suffering. God has a plan for his chosen people. God’s chosen now has their own strength and God is showing is power through Isreal and how much of a great God he is and how much he cares for his children.

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      It would be easy for me to say that it was worth the suffering, but it just sounds so heartless to say it. I will say that their suffering was not in vain, God used it for His good purpose.

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      I don’t think the two things can be equally weighted. To say that the suffering of the Holocaust was “worth” anything, doesn’t sit right with me. However, I do think you can view the birth of the new nation as a positive born out of a negative.

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      I am not sure about it because I don’t know in depth about this new nation or the old; but one thing I know for sure: God’s plan is always better. Everything serves for God’s glorification, and His glory never fails.

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      Phew. That’s a tough one! Is trading the lives of 6+ million Jews worth it? I am not sure I can answer that question really. I am sure that when the Jews of today look back and see the big picture they are thankful, but I am not sure any of them would say the holocaust was “worth it”.

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      I wish that they could have come together without the suffering. I do think that this suffering has not only brought them together as a nation but has a made many realize the tragedy of this. It has brought an awareness of how we can all be lead astray. God has been constantly trying to keep the attention of His people. They are easily led astray as all of us are. So, this tragedy has served to at least unite them as a people.

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      While the Holocaust was horrific, it did bring about a very strong and faithful new nation. Looking back on the Jewish nation, they have gone through so many years of suffering, with lessons for them to learn, as well as the rest of the world looking on needed to learn. If you are going to believe that God makes no mistakes, you have to believe that all suffering, no matter to what degree, is worth it for the good of all people.

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      Has the emergence of the modern state of Israel been a blessing for the Jewish people? Yes, it has, albeit a mixed one. Yet I hesitate to say it is worth the cost of the suffering of the Holocaust. The evils carried out during the Nazi reign were incredibly harsh and depraved. I can neither explain nor excuse God’s allowing such an event. One of our readings for this course quotes Betsie Ten Boom: “Tell them that there is no pit so deep but that God’s love is deeper still.” Betsie died in a very deep pit. Her sister, Corrie, survived to go throughout the world speaking of God’s deeper love. I choose to leave the determination of value or worth up to God.

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