Do you view any people or nation(s) as Jonah viewed the Assyrians? If so, how might you adjust your feelings toward them in light of the teachings of the book of Jonah?

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      I am thinking at the moment of 2 possibilities : one being the Muslim world and the other the Communist nations like Russia & China. Because of the injustices committed by Muslims and those in Muslim lands against Christians ,Christian missionaries , etc. and their growing presence in our countries & in Europe, it is easy to view them with suspicion, mistrust, & even strong dislike. However, God’s love “shed abroad in our hearts”by the Holy Spirit prohibits such feelings. They are a people group that God loves & commands us to share the Gospel with. In Jonah. God had a message that He wanted conveyed to Ninevah and He was patient enough & persistent enough to deal with this rebellious prophet & “force”him to comply. Therefore I had better try to love them as God does and take every opportunity to share this GOOD NEWS with them as I encounter Muslims in their stores , gas stations, & motels which in many areas of Canada they are operating and own. God may well be working already in the hearts of these people like He obviously was with Ninevah. Otherwise why would the Ninevites respond to such a simple sermon as this one of 8 words.
      As far as the Communist world, God is already working in a miraculous way in the Communist world of China & has in recent years past in Russia as well. Also In Cuba, the Church of Jesus Christ is growing so fast there that it is almost unbelievable. Someone went to them decades ago with the Gospel & it has taken root even in this atheistic country. So my feelings re the Communist world are positive that God is already at work & it is now a national movement of believers reaching their own. Also with the Communist world , God has been working behind the scenes , preparing a people for His name..

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