Doug Groothuis said, “One very good reason to believe in life after death is that human beings have always had a quest for immortality. It’s something intrinsic to human nature to be baffled and perplexed and in some sense infuriated by death. Our desires, our hopes, our plans seem to go far beyond what we could ever accomplish in one life.” Do you agree with him? Explain your reasons for your answer.

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      I totally agree, a lot of us would like to have more time and some do not realize that until the very end. But if you believe in Christ, then leaving this world is the best thing evah!

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      I think that makes sense. I don’t necessarily believe that those things can be fulfilled in life after death but I understand the want to believe in that.

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      Based on my experiences, I do agree with Doug Groothuis’s thoughts. When I have spent moments with loved ones who are coming to the end of their days on earth, they are reflecting on their lives and accomplishments…but I’ve noticed a pattern that they all wish for more time. They often lament that there is more that they would do.

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      Yes I agree immortality is the something our hearts desire because in the begging God created human beings in his image and likeness, God wants his children in their journey of life after death to desire what the best for us as “Solomon said Eternity is placed in our hearts”thats why human souls perplexed to know the truth.

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      I agree! Immortality is the hearts desire and we are made in his image. I know He helps His children in their journey to desire what is best for us according to His perfect will.

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      I agree with him to a point. Yes, we all have that desire for immortality, but what kind of immortality? If the desire is to be with God, then death is not to be feared. If the desire is to live here on earth forever, then there is a fear of death. Which means there is no desire to be in the presence of God for eternity. I really believe that is a matter of the heart and faith.

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      If human beings are on a quest for immortality than yes, because they are gonna find out that we are not immortal on earth. Are dreams usually are far beyond what we can accomplish but that makes us push ourselves to accomplish any of our dreams to the best of our ability.

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      I don’t think that a good reason to believe in life after death is because humans are on a quest for immortality I think we need to strive to follow God, and lead others to Him so we can live forever with him. But I do agree that humans have questions and are baffled when it comes to life after death that’s why we need a strong relationship with God, follow Him, and trust Him so we know where we are going when we die.

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