Doug Groothuis stated, “Scripture teaches that we are not just material beings but that we have a soul that is separable from the body at the point of death. It’s not quite as clear in the Hebrew Scriptures, but it is certainly there. You see it in Ecclesiastes when the preacher talks about the body going back to the earth, and the soul going back to God.” Christian theology teaches “progressive revelation.” This means that, as the Bible was being written down over a period of about 1,500 years, new truths were introduced that were complementary with early revelation. Because of this, even the doctrine of soul survival after death was not fully developed in the Old Testament. Later, with the appearance of Jesus Christ, the doctrine of life after death is more fully revealed in the context of the resurrection. Why do you think God chose to reveal himself to us through “progressive revelation”? Explain your answer.

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      I think God chose to reveal himself in this way so that we may fully understand. Hitting us all at once may be too overwhelming for us, yet in His due time, He knew we could come to some understanding of what is in store for us if we have faith.

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      I believe that God reveals Himself this way because all at once would be an overwhelming revelation for humans.

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      I think that God chose to reveal himself to us through “progressive revelation” because it speaks to His nature and relationship to us. Humans are not ready to receive all of the answers at one time. It is too much for us to comprehend, and at times when we do we ask for proof. By using progressive revelation where prophecies were fulfilled this allowed for “proof”. Another reason I think this is true is because it speaks to God’s patient nature, it also shows Him as the intelligent designer.

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      God chose to reveal himself to us through progressive revelation because old testament was a shadow of good things to come but not the reality itself until Jesus christ came who revealed the truth of life after death, in old testament many people were still in darkness that’s why they couldn’t understand God so in New testament through Jesus allow people to learn about God.

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      God chose to reveal himself to ancient Isreal in such a ways that they would understand. He still does that to us. At times, this meant He would have to accommodate thier human nature and culture. He did not contradid or deny what came before.

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      Progressive means to grow in stages. I think God chose this process so we could understand all the stages through out the old testament. And at the end of the New testament, we can see and understand the cohesiveness and continuity of this revelation.

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      At school, students tend to learn better if they are not taught too fast. So, I think the Lord used the same method we could learn and understand it better.

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      When you learn about something slowly you tend to remember it longer than just learning everything all at once. He done this so we can learn and remember the Bible for ever.

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      So we could slowly understand just a little of who Jesus really was.

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      I think it was for people to fully understand, to get the whole story out, to allow the people to learn more about God.

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