Douglas Geivett said, “A great deal of responsibility for suffering or for evil generally in the world today is rooted in how we exercise the freedom we have.” What are evidences you have seen of the connection between the freedom to choose and human suffering?

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      When we make bad choices we pay the price or consequences of our choices. Such as drinking or using drugs which have devastating consequences. People choose evil things because of the allure of things forbidden.

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      Often times we are fooled just like Eve because we choose to do something that we believe won’t hurt any other person. There is no such thing; our actions always have affects on someone or something.

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      I feel like I, and most of us here, could write a book about this. It is endless and it makes me sad. But as an educator I see the choices so many parents make and the eefect it has on theor kids. NOw I am not the best parent, shoot I couldn’t begin to count the amount times I have made mistakes that have negatively affected my kids and caused them to suffer (there is nothing major, just the kids feeling bad). But there are numerous cases where parents do or will not monitor what their kids are watching or listening to. And then these kids bring what they learned to school and as a result, caused broken friendships, lots of anger, suspensions and even expulsion. It sends the family into chaos without them realizing what the root of the problem – the choices they made

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      Adam and Eve had the power to choose. They chose to eat the fruit they were told not to. Because of that, famine, pain, family conflict, and death entered the world. The earth groans under the weight of human sin. Today, we still choose. We have the capacity to choose great good or great evil. We all sometimes choose to hurt others- even if it is just being harsh when a soft answer would do. We are hurt people, and we hurt people.

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      Choosing to drive while under the influence can cause suffering not only for you who made that choice, but also the hundreds of people who loved and will now grieve for the one who was killed because of your choice.

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      While given the freedom to choose, we see that there are consequences for not choosing to follow and glorify God. For example, I could decide that I want to try a narcotic. There is freedom in that choice for me. If I do use it, it may lead to an addiction which would be considered an idol. The drug may then have power over me resulting in a cascade of different events causing suffering. I could have easily avoided much of this with a different choice, but that’s the cost of having freedom to choose. We are allowed to make mistakes. Thanks be to God for providing us a way out from our bad choices

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      When abortion is chosen a life is lost. The parent is often left scarred with; guilt, physical injuries (including infertility), relentless grief, a horrible feeling of being unworthy of God’s provision and feeling she can never be forgiven.

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      This is so interesting because I think that in some nations the Church (big C church) has elevated personal freedom (my right to carry arms, freedom of speech, freedom of press, my body my choice (on different topics women’s rights, medical etc..)) above God and in doing so they have mistakenly turned freedom into a god. I think that some nations are living the ugly consequences of this: pastors failing because there is no check and balances, families that won’t speak because of politics, pastors preaching politics rather than the word of God from the pulpit, the desire to do what every you want and not care about others safety or health, choosing to protect only people that are convenient to your own interests rather than recognizing that everyone (I mean EVERY ONE!) was made by God and is loved by GOD. When the word Christian is just another name for a political party rather than what it should be a lover of Jesus a follower of Christ. All of this is happening in the name of God and it is hurting not only that nation but the Church globally.

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      When we have the freedom to choose, we has mere mortals have the chose to do evil from the sin that is engrained in our lives. Freedom of choice gives us the chose to not choose God and work for what we want. This chose of working for what we want leads us to hurt people to achieve our goals. Not having God as our guidance we have no hope of a future, with no hope, we strive to achieve what we want no matter what the outcome or who we hurt in the process. This hurting leads to human suffering hurt others to achieve the outcome we want.

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      Almost any evil can be traced back to a decision to exercise freedom if you look hard enough. When individuals choose to prioritize a vice over themselves, or their loved ones, it will always end in suffering.

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      I have seen evidence in my own freedom to choose, based on bad choices and then the results and suffering of those bad choices. We reap what we sow. I think in all cases, even if we don’t intend it, all our bad choices affect someone else, not just ourselves. In the case of abortion, that freedom to choose to abort that baby, the life God gave, results in murder and suffering of the baby and mother; whether the mother chooses to suppress that suffering or not.

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      There are countless. The choice in many things we as humans use that impact our own body and the bodies of others; smoking, drinking, over eating, eating unhealthily. The choices we have had to make use of natures reserves-oils, gas and more-we are now experiencing the suffering that comes many years after those choices have been made and practiced over and over.

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      I chose not to use condom because of pleasure in having sex without condom. I end up with HIV. My free will cost me my health. I suffered because of my own choice.

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      When we make good and wise choices, we can help reduce pain and suffering. When our choices are more selfish in nature, we can actually increase pain and suffering in both ourselves and in others. How we respond to circumstances make them better, or make them worse. Turning a blind eye to social problems does nothing to improve them. Choosing to be involved and proactive and help minimize consequences, even if for one.

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      This is demonstrated when a person chooses to drink and drive and then kills someone because they were drunk. They then must live with the consequences of their choice. God does not stop them from making that choice but he also grieves for them and the others involved because of the choice made.

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      As someone in education I see it far too often in the students under me. Parents who have the freedom to choose to anger over love is the one that gets me the most. I use the word “anger” here rather than “abuse” because not all anger is seen as abuse and I do not want to limit the scope of my response. It goes as deep as showing anger and disappointment in a child’s actions or results rather than trying to dig deeper into the reason behind the actions/results. The assumption that the child had control over everything often leads to anger and disappointment. I am not calling for a lack of discipline or consequences – the world certainly does not need more of that, but the willingness to chose love and understanding when approaching our kids as we discipline them.

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      Parents whose addictions lead them to actions that cause physical, sexual, and/or emotional harm to their children.
      My neighbor who is permanently paralyzed because someone chose to beat him while stealing his pizza.
      Men and women in authority who use that authority to exploit/abuse those for whom they are responsible.

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