Douglas Geivett said: “I think a fundamental question here is the question: Why believe that God has produced a revelation of any kind at all? Do we have good reasons to expect God to try to make contact with human beings, to communicate something that they need to know? I believe there is evidence that God takes an interest in the human condition and therefore can be expected to make contact, to address these very questions that we all want answers to: Why am I here? What is my life for? What is the diagnosis of the human condition?” In approaching the Bible, why does Geivett begin his discussion with human questions of meaning and values?

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      These questions are the ones that everyone ponders at one point or another. I think any real discussion with analytical people must include a discussion of these topics.

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      I think he chooses the approach the Bible in this way because these questions have been asked and pondered by all human beings. Therefore, it applies to everyone of us and affects us all.

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      Geivett begins his discussion with human questions of meaning and values because those questions are ones that have plagued the minds of humankind since the beginning of time. There comes a point in everyone’s lives when we question whether we truly believe in God and if He truly cares about little old us. We all come to the point where we ask what our purpose is here on earth and whether there is a cure for this fallen world. So, beginning this discussion with those questions is a quick attention-getter for those who might be wavering in their faith or in finding these answers because then, he can introduce them to THE Solution Himself, Jesus Christ.

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      Why wouldn’t God give us lessons on how to live a rightous life we are His children , He wants us to know He’s love for us to tell us who we are.

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      There is an inward desire to be loved by someone other than ourselves. God made us for relationship and in order to have relationship, He knew He must show us Who He is through WORDS. Then, the WORD became flesh and dwelled with us: Emmanuel – God With Us. Through Jesus we see even more of how the Lord made us fearfully and wonderfully, how we are the beloved, and how He desires to have relationship with us.

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      He starts his discussion there because it is something that all humans can agree on. They are the root cause of problems in societies past, present, and future. Starting here shows that all people do agree that there are certain morals to life, yet they cannot agree as to where they come from. I believe that is where the Bible comes in. God gave it to us to help guide us through life and to live it as He meant it to be lived.

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      Why does Geivett begin his discussion wiht human questions of meaning and values? I believe he does this because we were created in the image of God. Our life’s purpose is to bring glory to God and follow in His light. When a person examines their “values” they are looking deep into their heart and hopefully seeing God and his hoped for “way of life.”

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      Woo seob

      My life exists for the glory of God. Humans are finite beings and anxious beings. Our lives have the answer to every problem in the Bible.

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      I believe that he begins his discussion this way because the Bible really is an instruction manual for our lives. The Bible provides incite into how we should be living our daily lives. When we relate the Bible to questions of meaning (human worth) and values (day to day living) it helps with human understanding of the importance of the Bible.

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      I think that Geivett begins his discussion with human questions of meaning and value, because there are relatable, often shared questions which then lead people to explore faith. At some point in most peoples’ lives, they have a moment where they think about what is the point of all of this living on Earth? This type of thinking and questioning can be an open door for discussions about faith and the Lord.

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      My bible is a living word of truth that guides and leads me in every area of my life. The Bible is written word that has been proven and tested through time. Approach reading your bible with confidence and authority.

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      Geivett’s start are probably the two most pondered questions by humans and these are substantially answered within the Bible with an enormous amount of detail to enable us to meaningfully digest who we are and why we are here, it gives us a solid purpose and focus in life and helps us to understand our place and where we will go once our time here is complete, it quenches and anxieties in life and should remove any fears of death, the Bible brings us peace knowing our life has meaning and our Creator knew before He formed us we would be looking for these answers so He ever so kindly provided this for us

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      God made us and is not some god who made us then left us to our own circumstances, but He is the God who seeks to give us purpose and direction. He does this through His written word. Also, he put a God-shaped vacuum in our hearts that cannot be fulfilled until we accept Him and have a relationship with Him This fulfills a need to be of value and to have meaning (eternal) in our lives. Someone has said that when we think too much of ourselves to remember that we are made of dust, and when we feel worthless to remember who died for us. The value of something is dependent on what someone is willing to pay for it. Christ paid our debt with His blood.

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      Judith kamugisha

      I think Douglas Geivett begin with this question he wanted us to know our life depends on the Bible. The source of every thing in our life come from the Bible

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      Geivett begins with questions regarding human meaning and value because these are the questions most people are seeking answers to. The biggest question asked today is what is my purpose/ does my life have meaning? If we can find answers for these questions in the Bible, then people will begin to understand the reasons for God’s creation.

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      I think Douglas Geivett starting this question to show us the only answers concerning our life are found in the bible, it’s bring attention to all human being to understand the sources of everything comes from God from the beginning and to claim the truth the bible is reference.

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      I think he does this to bring us all to the same starting point. These questions have crossed every person on earth’s mind at some point, regardless of beliefs. I think with so many conflicting beliefs and ideas in the world, we all feel like we are at different points and have no common ground. These questions are ones that we all ask ourselves. I think he goes on to show that the Bible has an answer to all of these tough questions that we struggle with.

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      I think Geivett beings his discussion with this focus, because that is exactly where our focus as humans typically begins – what does this say about me or what does this do for me? We want to know our reason/purpose, our worth, what makes us tick the way we do. If we ask these questions of ourselves, often unable to find concrete answers, how great would it be to not only find the Source and Creator of all things, but to also find out He is interested in leading you towards understanding those questions.

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      Because God loves us and wants us to know how to live a life that is pleasing to him and help to restore our sinful nature. Yes. We are here to have a relationship with our creator, to serve and worship God who loves and provides for our means. Life is for living, living for God and learning how to treat others. We are a sinful lost people who is in need of a savior. To show the Bible has the answer to all of our questions if we take the time to study his word.

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      Mr Geivett begins his discussion with human questions of meaning and values. I think so he can give answers with supporting evidence to claims that the Bible is the word of God that many people are struggling to believe.

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      Kevin Menear

      As humanity has so many questions, it is reasonable to believe that our loving Creator would desire to answer them. By revealing Himself to us, He revealed the answer to all of our questions. By beginning with the globally-shared questions of meaning and purpose, Geivett grounds the discussion of God’s Divine Revelation in universally relatable truths.

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      It is basic human instinct to what to know, the where, why, when we are meant for. Our we just here to get up in the morning and go to bed at night, without thinking about the world around us!!

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      First, I believe God reveals Himself in any and every situation just in everyday life. So many times, we fail to just see the evidence of the beauty in just waking up each day. God has a plan and purpose for us and if we just simply take the time to read the Word, we will see how evident it is that He cares about communicating with us even in the little things. I, too, am guilty of not always valuing the idea that God cares about every little intricate detail of us, our lives, and our situations. Questioning “Why am I here? or What is my life for?” are questions that plaque our human mind even more so if we have absolutely no relationship with Christ. If we are in Christ and ask those pondering questions, we just need to slow our life down, get in our Word, or just simply have a conversation with Him. He hears us and He will answer.

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      That is what people want to know. Why am I here and what is my purpose.

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      Because those are the questions we are all asking. That is the reason we seek out a creator.

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