Douglas Groothuis stated, “So you ask the question, given this universal desire for the afterlife, is there good reason to believe it’s real? And the strongest Christian answer is that Christ proved it through His resurrection. He died on the cross, He was truly dead, He was buried, He rose again, He appeared to the disciples, He appeared to many different people at many different times. And the Christian faith is based not on an idea, a speculation, or an interesting theory, but it’s based on the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, that He’s still alive. There’s an old hymn that says, ‘We serve a risen Savior.’ ” Just because people have a strong desire to have life after death, is such a desire a good enough reason to believe this is so? Explain your response. Why is the historic record of Christ being seen risen from the dead by so many witnesses so essential to verification of its reality?

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      THe witness acounts are vital so we can have proof that He rose again, visable proof. And no, there should be more than a strong desire for life after death. There is more to my faith than that and it may be a good starting point but there is so much more

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      Jesus’ resurrection is the biggest proof of life after death that we have in history. I don’t think that having a desire for life after death is a strong enough reason to belief in Jesus. There is much more to the Christian faith.

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      Many people have a strong desire to have life after death…but yet not all of these people turn and place their faith in Jesus. As we have learned, there are many belief systems for this in different cultures and throughout history. The fear of not having an after life might be a starting place for a conversation, but should not be a sole reason to place faith in Jesus. “We serve a risen Savior”, meaning that by placing our faith in Jesus we are entering into relationship with the Savior…not a one time deal ending in the promise of life after death.

      Historical record of Christ being seen risen from the dead by so many witnesses is essential to verifying the reality because it is eye witness testimony to the fact of life after death. It is verifiable proof of actions matching words of scripture.

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      No!the true gospel should be the reasons to believe life after death, multiple eyewitnesses accounts the reality of life after death because without witnesses the story cannot be proven in Gospel John Jesus said”He who believes in me even though he die yet will he live “so Jesus risen from the dead is the verification of life after death.

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      No. Yes, we do have the witnesses accounts, but we have His living word and the believe that He is who He says He is. I Am!

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      No, just a strong desire is not enough and it is not what Jesus was talking about. He did call us to have faith and believe in the unseen, but he also proved his words by resurrecting. We all have a desire for the eternal, but we have to believe in the only way, the only truth, and the only life, to spend eternity with Jesus. It is often said, trust but verify. I think history helps us here. Even though I believe in Jesus’s word, it is nice to see that history verifies his life, death, and resurrection.

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      No, the word of God should be the reason for believing in life after death. Having multiple witnesses is crucial for verification because without witnesses the story isn’t believable and then there will not be anyone to spread the truth.

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      No, because there is more to it. You should not just use it as a get out of Hell card. You need to be in God with all your heart and do what all he commands of us. We as Christians believe it by faith, but not believers have to see it. When Jesus rose from the grave the guards were there and then all the people that saw Him after that were not believers.

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      No, there is more than just life after death it is that we get to spend eternity with our Creator, and Savior, and to praise him and hear about all His miraculous stories. We as Christians believe it by faith, but unbelievers have to have eye witnesses and there it is.

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      No. It’s eyewitness accounts and the gospels have been authenticated proving them true

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