Dr. Crabb makes the following observations about the spiritual journey: It is not governed by the law of linearity but by the law of liberty. Lesser dreams (even good ones) must shatter to awaken our appetite for greater dreams. To say that God is in control means that He is moving all things towards an end point that we don’t always properly value or even like. How do these observations help when you are offering spiritual friendsdhip to another?

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      These things are all become real to me recently. I didn’t realize how much this is true; lesser dreams must shatter. I hate this process and I have cried out often to God in my disappointments, asking “why”? Especially since I felt I was moving toward God more than ever before, and it seemed that I was feeling peace and joy and then, many things happened to bring that crashing down. I’ve asked myself if this is the Lord’s doing or my own or the enemy; but regardless, I know He’s going to use it to refine me. I’m actually wondering if He’s using this to prepare me for Spiritual Direction, because I can honestly say that 6 months ago I didn’t understand the depth of the concept of a shattered dream or deep disappointment. Now, I feel more equipped to help others along. I see it from a new perspective and I can have a deeper grace for others.

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      These observations help when we are offering spiritual friendship to another because they focus us on the truth that God is in control. We do not need to figure out how to make things happen. We only need to discern what God is doing or how He works and try to join with His working and purpose.

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      “The bride belongs to the bridegroom. The friend of the bridegroom stands and listens for him, and is overjoyed to hear the bridegroom’s voice. That joy is mine, and it is now complete. He must increase; I must decrease.!” (Jn 3:29-30)
      As a friend to another, we are merely a friend who comes along side a struggling friend; we stand and listen and am overjoy to hear the bridegroom’s voice. Our role is not to overtake Christ in the person’s life, nor stand in the way of the person’s ‘interaction’ with Christ. This is liberty – a freedom that we needn’t unnecessary put our desires for the person to break out of the situation on ourselves. The dream is God’s dream! It frees me to simply exercise love, grace and patience, with discernment and wisdom from the Lord to restore the person to see a greater love in Christ is far more worthy to embrace than the little dreams we have.

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      When I am offering spiritual friendship to another person, the observations by Dr. Crabb help me to understand that every conversation wont end in a smile or a warm and fuzzy feeling. As we spiritually journey together, the Holy Spirit will be leading and opening up our eyes and hearts (not necessarily at the same time) to things we need to embrace or erase. The idea that lesser dreams must shatter to free space for greater dreams in Christ is not a common thought. We either want it all or give up and don’t go after anything. We complain and settle or exhaust ourselves trying to achieve that we think we are supposed to have.

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      It helps me to sit with them patiently and listen. They may not have come to this revelation yet-that they don’t properly value God’s direction. It helps me to have patience, grace, and empathy.

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      In our journey with we God we cannot depend on what is the legalistic pattern of the right way to go but see where God is leading us which my be out of our comfort zone or seem strange but the path God is directing us to which will wind up being the ultimate best for us.

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