Dr. Crabb wants a revolution in his life and in the church where our desire for God actually becomes stronger than our desire to fix our problems. To what extent is that revolution occurring in your life?

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      This toughest week where unexpected pre-mature death of a loved one drew me to desire more of God and see His work among us, than fixing our grief. God is a good, good Father who graciously was present with us, and turning our mourning to a blessed assurance of a better hope in him. One truth I have learnt, often times we are the ones who stand in the way between the person in need and Him. We talk too much, do too much in trying to ‘ease’ the situation, but when the space is given to the person in need and God – we witness a deep healing, a deep comfort than only He can do it! All glory to Him!

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      It is occurring more and more. My desire to fix my problems is decreasing as I am realizing my greater desires to be home in Christ.

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      It is definitely occurring in my life-that’s why I’m taking this class. I work in full time ministry and also want this to become a reality in ministry. The longer I walk with the Lord, the more I see that knowing him deeply is more important and more satisfying than fixing myself or my my life.

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      The revolution is occurring in my life by God’s promptings are to look inward for the answers.

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