Dr. Crabb’s small group covenanted together to do four things: Enter into a community experience dedicated to intentional spiritual formation. Encourage supernatural movement toward a specific vision for each group member. Enhance a grace environment by their relationship style. Energize the cycle of spiritual formation in each other. How might you incorporate such goals in a small group?

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      Though we may not have put down the formal mission statement or goal. The new cell group formed earlier this year that I participate in is cleared on our covenant in Christ and has an initial idea of having the common purpose for our group to include take up volunteer opportunities to serve our community together.

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      To move towards this vision the first thing I need to do is to gather with a small group of people focused on the same goal. Once that all important step is taken, next I must commit to live, by the Spirit, selflessly in order to assist Him in seeing the vision He has for another. I can only do this if my heart is engaged with the Spirit on behalf of another and not focused on myself. Next, I must, in surrender of control to God, live and breathe a grace environment for the group. Finally, I must value for myself and others the target of becoming a “little christ”…for that individual…realizing that there will be both commonalities and uniqueness in how that looks in another.

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      I think it’s important to know what each person considers or wants from spiritual formation. It’s important to be vulnerable and also safe and non-judgmental so that people open up and let you explore their depths. We must be curious and explore others. We must be other-focused on not have our own agenda.

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      Finding out what is everyone’s spiritual intentions. Asking where people are spiritually and where they desire to be. Creating a safe(physically and emotionally) place and atmosphere for people to talk and share. Allow time for members to share their passions in Christ and pour into one another as the spirit leads. Accept each other and edify one another in pursuit of truth, true love and power in the Lord.

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      The purpose of my group is “Grow”
      Grow from Grace to grace
      Grow from Faith to faith
      Grow from Truth to truth
      Grow from Love to love
      The Capital letter “G. F. T. L” is citing Jesus as the source, and having received from Him (continual), we grow inwardly and reach out outwardly.
      We grow in a community. Each given the permission to fail (grace); and given the space to rise again.

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