Dr. Heim believes all of the psalms, including Psalm 137, have a genuine place in worship today. Do you agree? Why or why not?

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      I do agree that all Scripture is profitable. And I praise God that He has graced us with His Word that can help us through all circumstances, in good times—-to remind us to remembered our God who is the source of all our blessings, and in times of sorrow and trouble, and even persecution and sickness, to remember that God is our Good Shepherd, standing right with us through all our circumstances. Praise God.

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      All parts of the Bible are God’s Words (God – breathed) and Psalms are as we learned are songs, prayers, praise and worship. I do agree with Dr. Heim…..

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      We all can all unjustly suffer for the cause of Christ. Our “fleshly selves” want to automatically retaliate and fight back. But our renewed spiritual selves hold us back and remind us that “He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world”. Therefore we have to be patient and prayerfully TRUST our creator that one day all will be made right.

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      Baboo samuel

      Yes, it is to show that we can be bring our pain & hurts, our sufferings and our feeling of injustice to God. We can express this disappointment and vengeance to Him without having to act on our own.

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      The Psalms are a part of the Bible, and are useful for teaching and helping us learn how to pray. They are God-breathed.

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      I do also believe that all the Psalms, including Psalm 137 has a genuine place in Worship today. I agree with Dr Helm because it says in the Bible in either 1 or 2 Timothy that “All scripture is useful for training, teaching, …. us in righteousness so that the man of God be fully equipped and lack nothing.” I don’t know the exact scripture or word for word, but I believe you understand my point.
      The Psalms tell us how to worship God, comforts us in time of sorrow, guides us in prayer, and teaches us the character of God himself. The Psalms reveal to us our sin as well as Gods blessings and his forgiveness.

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      I do agree because scriptures, inclusive of all of the Psalms, are God breathed … and thus have a genuine place in the timeless modern worship of God.

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      Oh my goodness! My spouse and I just decided today to share venues with other couples who want to have bible lessons. We discovered that our Pastor had been using church funds for his own benefit for over 20 years. We were basically a slave to his lust for power and money (he would not release any monetary information throughout the years.) We had only been there a short time and wanted an account for which our tithes were used. We were told that it was used to pay basic church services and the rest was none of our business. How humiliated I was to know that I had been supporting someone rather than fully supporting the church. He professed that we needed to give freely and fully as he did not need any of our funds, and now to find out that he was cashing all the checks and using it to fund his own businesses. We even were paying water and electricity for his businesses. No one could answer our queries, and when individual congregation members were asked about church property they professed ignorance as they were all told it was none of their business. The Pastor was truly loved by us and we feel so deceived, hurt, and angry as he told us we were responsible for dividing the church and heresy. Vengeance (embezzlement charges) did not have a place in this scenario, instead I plan to use this Psalm in our first home bible lesson while we wait and pray for God to show us the way. At least the Pastor knows we all now know and perhaps he will come to God with what he has done.

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      Our Daily Bread
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