Dr. Heim describes Psalm 72 as a “psalm of hope, but also a psalm of wistful yearning.” Describe in your own words what he means by this.

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      David is hoping that Solomon will bring about the prayers expressed in this psalm. David is also yearning for his son to be the fulfillment of the David convenient, yearning for him to be the Messiah.

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      Psalm 72 could be the hope of all of us now waiting for the second coming of Jesus.

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      It’s a Psalm of Hope for the young ascending king but also a Father’s cry that this son could possibly be the Messiah who would save their world.

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      Baboo samuel

      Hope & Longing for the second coming of the Messiah.

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      In Psalm 72, David is praying for his son Jesse; although his prayer of hope sounds like he’s speaking about the waiting of Jesus the Messiah. It’s not until the last verse we know who David is praying for.
      I believe that David yearns for his Son to be the kind of King that is described in this prayer. The word
      “ wistful” means or it’s when you look in your past and wish you had done something different. So possibly David is reflecting on his life or the life of his own son, Jesse. Scripture speaks that out of the root of Jesse will rise a new King!

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      At the end of his life David was praying for no son,Solomon. And he is wistfully hoping that he might be the Messiah who would promote all the blessings mentioned in the Psalm.

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      Psalm 72 has wistful yearning in that it anticipates the coming of and attendant everlasting era of the Messianic King who will instill righteousness, justice, peace, etc.

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      Dr. Heim is referring to this psalm 72 as a psalm of hope because it is one that is dedicated to his son Solomon. It is hopeful for the father to be optimistic for his son when he takes over as king. On the other hand, it is also prophetic because there are parts of this psalms that seem to infer the coming of the Messiah such as verse 17
      May his name endure forever;
      may it continue as long as the sun.
      Then all nations will be blessed through him,[d]
      and they will call him blessed.
      Therefore, it is referred to as a psalm of wistful yearning.

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      Since Jesus has not yet returned to earth as the Heavenly Ruler, David, (the poet author), perhaps thought his son might be the coming Messiah. But not matter who the Messiah might be David says that we await the Coming to save the Jews and Christians.

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