Dr. Vernon Grounds said,“I’m not a Christian because I happened to be born in a so-called Christian country. I’m not a Christian because my parents, when I was a child, may have carried me into a church where I was baptized. I’m not a Christian because now on occasion I will attend a religious service in some church that is supposedly, nominally, and maybe truly Christian. No, I’m a Christian because I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.” Do you agree with Grounds’ statement: “I’m a Christian because I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior”? Explain your response.

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      I do agree with this statement because this is the only way to be saved. I accept Jesus Christ as my Savior, and I am saved.

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      YES! The only way to become a Christian is to have a relationship with Jesus – parents, your home, your school your job – none of those save you! They can introduce you to Christ but they cannot save you

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      Yes. I am a Christian because I accept the gift of Jesus Christ. Not by my works but by my acceptance.

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      Yes, I agree. Being a Christian means having accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior and then pursuing a relationship with Him. We can often get stuck in the mindset of “doing deeds” or “checking things off a list’ to fufill our Christian duties. But ultimatley, being a Christian relies on accepting Jesus as your Savior and King.

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      I agree that to be a Christian you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior. The only path is to accept Christ into your heart. There may be other things that happen once that acceptance has been given, but you must accept Jesus on your own. No one can do that for you. I do feel that once this trust is cemented you will be moved to honor that trust with your actions.

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      Christine Sweeney

      Yes. I do agree with his statement. You have to be ready to make that decision though. I grew up in the catholic church and I knew who God was. I even knew who Jesus was but I didn’t even have my own bible. I never read the bible. I just went to church and believed whatever the Priest preached about. It wasn’t until college that I started seeking out the answers for myself. I was given my first bible by a friend but I still never really surrendered my life to God until I was 28. God had been pursuing me. Looking back he had put a Christian in my life everywhere I moved. He never gave up on me though. He was very patient and just waited until I was ready. The day I gave my heart to the Lord was the best day of my life. A lady discipled me for 4 years and helped me to develop my relationship with the Lord. My life has still not been easy. I still fail and mess up but I know I have a Savior that loves me inspite of my failures. I truly do not know how I lived without God in my life or how other people live without Him. He has changed my life for the better and gives me Hope when I feel Hopeless. He has given me compassion for the hurting and the love for the lost. He changed my heart to want to teach children about the love of Christ. I now work in a Christian school and get to minister to them everyday. Before I was saved I didn’t want anything to do with teaching. God gave me a new heart and showed me the plan He had for me.

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      I love the way he phrased this, but I do agree with Merle. As Christians, this does occur when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior. However, I think it is good for us to unpack that a bit. When we accept this, we are turning away from sin and from self…moving towards Jesus. Some good ol’fashioned, Sunday School ABC’s. 😉
      Admit, Believe, Confess.

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      Ground statement is true but it is not complete. To be a Christian I need to have accepted Jesus christ as their personal Saviour, but I have to understand the Apologetics of the Christian Faith to be able to defend the Gospel of Christ. I need to be reading the Bible daily to understand and apply God’s words in my daily life at the same time building up my faith, trust and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I also have to believe in my heart that God exist and that he is the son of God by Surrending my life to him, being dependant on Him for everything and Casting all my cares, worries , concerns, situations on him to one day have a personal relationship with him.

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      I do agree with Grounds. There is nothing else that we can say/do that is more important than accepting Christ as our Savior. The Bible tells us that the only way we are considered Christians is that we have asked Jesus into our hearts. Despite what society may say or believe, this is the only true way to Christ.

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      Christianity is not based on religion names, attending the church service, really Christianity is Faith, confession of sin,because the scripture says that God saved us by grace when we believed, it’s a gift from God,we are calling Christian because we believe Jesus apart Jesus christ it’s nothing in Christianity,Christianity is a relationship between man and Jesus christ through his birth, death and resurrection by faith (Roman 10:9-10)

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      Yes, we are called into relationship with God through the work of Jesus Christ on and after the cross. All that other stuff can done by anybody off the street without a true relationship.

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      Yes I do agree. I know many people who call themselves Christian but do not go to church, they don’t read their Bible or even pray. They do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. I believe a real Christian is someone who follows Jesus teachings and has a personal relationship with Jesus

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      Kevin Menear

      Yes, I do. Our works cannot save us, it is only our free will choice to surrender our lives to the Lord and receive Him as our Lord that can bring us into relationship with him. Our free will is the greatest gift God has given us as human beings. To surrender this greatest of gifts is the greatest of offerings we can give to God.

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      Yes I agree. Christ died for my sins and I believe that to be true. Nothing I can do or will ever do can make me a Christian except believing that Christ died for me.

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