During the time “when everyone did what was right in his own eyes,” God raised up judges to help. What were their characteristics?

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      There was chaos and sin was rampant There was no king because Israel had turned their backs on the Lord

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      The Judges were 12 God fearing men and a women. They were imperfect people but because they were submissive to God’s leading, they were “heroes” during a difficult time.
      Because people were “doing what was right in their own eyes” ; there was chaos and anarchy much like today. So Judges revolves around sin and it’s consequences.

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      Most were “lay people” that God used to deliver Israel out of oppression not because of any special skills that had but because they were obedient to God.

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      The judges feared God and lead the people to obey God. When there was obedience, there was deliverance. These Judges feared God and were good leaders. However, there was a cycle. After deliverance, the people would fall back into sin and disobedience.

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      They were for the most part godly men who followed God, they were strong and valiant, they were good leaders, yet when we look at Samson we see a judge who often failed to follow God and His laws.

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      The Judges are the ones that essentially come in to “save the day”. Dr. Buzzell describes a cycle of mistake, consequence, making amends, and deliverance. The “hero” that comes in to save the day and deliver Israel from their mistakes is the “Judge” that God raised up. Thus, Judges would have heroic characteristics that enable them to solve big problems and bring people to freedom. Most importantly, these heroic characteristics would be God centered!

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      Their characteristics were that they were God fearing men. The judges knew how to follow Gods will and bring the people back to Him.

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      The judges were chosen by God to strongly lead the people of Israel back to him. When the people were obedient, the nation prospered. When the people were disobedient, they faced the consequences of their sin.

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      The judges were strong believers and knew to follow God and not be disobedient. Disobedience brought another nation to oppress the Israelites.

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      The judges were God fearing individuals who knew that without God, they would have nothing and that Israel would still be in captivity. They were actually not all men even though many believe that they were. They were each chosen not just on their merit, but more on their faith that they had for the Living God. Each one of them were given different attributes and had victories thanks to God, but at the end of the day, each of them were just ordinary people. Men and women just like we would see passing on the street or looking back in the mirror. God uses whoever he wants to for whatever reason He wants to.

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      The judges are chosen God fearing people “heroes”, chosen by God to deliver His people from the oppression they were experiencing due to their previous disobedience. The judges are chosen people tasked with leading His people back to God.

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      They seemed to vary in the type of men they were. Some were strong fighter (looked up to by their peers). Some were not as strong (Gideon) who thought that they didn’t have what it takes to do what God was asking them to do. They didn’t realize that God was the One who ultimately gave them the victories in their battles. In some cases (i.e. Sampson), God did bless him with unusual strength (he was not to have any wine or ever to cut his hair). Which he did and was bless by God with superhuman stength. But it seems that the judges, although picked by God to lead Israel back to righteous living, had also fallen short themselves. I used to think that the Israelites were kind of nuts for doing what they did (after seeing all that God did for them) – but when I look at my own life (I’ve been blessed in many ways) – but I didn’t always follow God and live an obedient life. When my life was going good (job, health, wealth, fun times etc), I didn’t have any time for God (I’m ashamed to say). I sincerely thank God today for being longsuffering , merciful and forgiving. I’m definitely no better than the Israelites were with all their disobedience and worship of false gods.

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      They were “heroes”, chosen by God to deliver His people.

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      God-fearing, holy men whom lead the Israelites back to God!

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      Taylor Burkit

      The characteristic traits of the judges God raised up were to be God fearing to help lead the people back to him.

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      They were godly men “and a woman”, that God brought up to deliver Israel from their disobedient ways.

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      The judges were Godly people that brought Israel back into alignment of God’s laws and mercy. They were people who lead Israel in the correct ways.

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      During the time “when everyone did what was right in how own eyes,” God raised up Judges to help. What were their characteristics?

      The primary characteristic of the Judges during their attempted conquest of Canaan was to be a military leader. Their leadership acted as a gift of God’s grace to deliver the people in their defeat. A cycle of defeat began to occur. First, Israel falls into idolatry. Next, God punishes their disobedient behavior. Then the Israelites cry out to God to save them. Finally, God sends a judge/hero to deliver them from the hands of their oppressors. The problem is that as long as the judge was alive the Israelites remained obedient. After the death of the Judge they returned to their lives of disobedience and the cycle began again.

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      Ma. Remedios

      The judges are chosen people to lead His people to be right with God.

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