Edwin Yamauchi said, “There are hundreds of books and articles trying to explain that…Christmas star,…in terms of what we do understand astronomically…Johannes Kepler, the famous astronomer, thought that it represented a conjunction of planets,…a scholar called Jerry Varnaham suggested that it was Halley’s Comet.…Others have explained the star as the super nova.…We really do not know for sure what this celestial phenomenon was. It certainly behaved in a supernatural way.” What do you think was the source of the star? Why?

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      Since God is Creator, He could have used any combination of these things: conjunction of planets, Halley’s Comet, or a super nova to show where His Son was born. He could also have created a special star that was only for that purpose – shining light in this dark world just as His Son does. No matter what God chose to use, I believe it was real!

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      I believe it was a new unique star created at that given time for the sole purpose of lighting the way to where Christ was born. It was a supernatural star that did not behave in any way that ordinary stars behave. it did not seem to follow the laws of science.

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      God was the source of the star. The star was sent to announce the arrival of His Son on Earth. The star fulfilled a prophecy. It was risen over the place where Jesus was born and stayed there to guide the Magi. The appearance of the star was a supernatural event. God is the source of this supernatural event.

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      When considering the source of the star, I like what Luis Palau called it…a new, mysterious, unique event that was created to guide the Magi to the birth place of Jesus.
      The source of the star was God. It, again, was in fulfillment of the scriptures as the Magi called it, “His star”

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      Judith kamugisha

      I believe the star was God a creator of everything in heaven and earth.

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      The formation of the star was further proof of the prophecy that was the son of God’s birth.

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      I believe the star was uniquely created by God to serve this special service and signal.

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      I believe that the source of the star was God. God created the star specifically as a miraculous addition to the coming of Christ. Yet another, amazing wonder of the birth of Jesus.

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      Really a hundred percent I believe the source of star was God a creator of everything in heaven and on the earth even star God created to design the birth of his son to his people.

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      What do I think was the source of the star? Well, I believe that is what God because is capable of all things. However, as a scientist I would argue that there must be a logical explanation, such as Halley’s comet or a conjunction of planets. The beauty of Faith and Science is that they complement one another. God has written the great science handbook which provides explanations for all of His miraculous works.

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      I believe the source of the star was something special God designed for the birth of his son to light the way to the messiah.

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      The beautiful Star of Bethlehem, was created by God to proclaim the birth of His son, the Christ child. The source of the star was God. There are many mysteries of God and this is one of them. However, when I searched the website, it stated that “Scholars have been discussing potential causes since the 13th Century. God put the Star there to guide the wise men to Jesus. Prehaps it was a supernova, a comet, a solar flare or an alignment of plants. It’s been said that it can still be seen between December 16-21 and can be observed anywhere in the world but seen better in areas near the equator.”
      I’ve never tried to see it in the sky in December before. I also learned to that there is a flower, plant that’s named “ Star of Bethlehem”.

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      What I think was the source of the star is not important. Speculation is irrelevant when it comes to God’s word. What we read in God’s word is that it was a star and that is all that we have and need to go off of. I could have missed it but I do not see where God revealed his reason for placing this star brightly in the sky directly over the place where his only begotten son was born into the world as both fully God and fully man.

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      God created all things and was born with a virgin birth and raised from the grave. As a believer, it is completely possible for god to create a start

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      The reason I think was the announcement of his sone being born. What this star was? I do not know other than knowing that God created all things and this was created by him for his purpose.

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      I believe it was a star, accepting by faith which says it was a star. I agree with Luis Palau, that since God was able to bring about a virgin birth (and that He is the Creator of all the Heavens) He would have no problem creating a star for this, His specific purpose

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      I believe it could have been a natural phenomenon such as a bright star. God using what he had already created to magnify the even unfolding. But as it mentioned, God could have also just created what he needed when he needed it.

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      I believe God was the source of the star, not a conjunction of planets, a comet, or a supernova. The fact that the star was prophesied about indicates to me that this was a new star created by God. It wasn’t something that astronomers could have predicted would appear in the sky. Also convincing is the fact that this star rested right over the place where Jesus was born. The alignment of planets or a path of a comet landing right in that spot would be rather unlikely. The Magi were also able to follow it to the place where Jesus was. A comet would be moving and the planets would have only aligned for a short period of time.

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      If we believe that God is almighty and powerful, then he could have created the start to show his glory and fulfill the prophecies.

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