Explain how Bible study, fellowship, and prayer can be called different forms of spiritual communication.

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      Scot Small

      The Bible is the revealed word of God. His love story to us, so we can know Him and grow in knowledge of Him. In prayer I learn to come before God to listen, to worship, to praise, to share my heart, to ask, to connect to God through the Holy Spirit and Christ, deepening the bond. In fellowship I share my journey with others, both believers and non-believers, building the Kingdom through discipleship and witnessing.

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      The Bible is God’s written Word to us and He speaks through it. We talk to God in prayer and talk to others about God.

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      James Fuller

      Studying the Bible is God’s primary form of communication to us. The Bible is his words written down my man for us to read, study, understand and apply to our lives. Prayer is how we talk to God. We are able to take any and everything to Him. The good and bad. Praises and concerns. Fellowship is a way we can grow and learn from each other. It’s important we surround ourselves with other followers of Christ to help keep us accountable, and so we can help keep them accountable as well. We must remain in fellowship with the body so we can all strengthen one another.

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      This is how we grow in the physical realm. We have the tangible word of God, we have other believers to talk with and grow deeper with and we have prayer as a way of communicating directly to our Jesus!

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      Fellowship is when we are living right and walking with the Lord as He wants us to.
      Bible study is how we learn more about Him, His Son, the Holy Spirit and His Word. This is one way we grow or mature in Him as Christians.
      Prayer is how we talk to God. Pray is how we ask Him to reveal more of Himself to us and how we ask for His guidance.
      When we study the Bible on a regular basis and pray as we should our fellowship with Him with be closer and stronger.

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      Bible study, fellowship, and prayer are different forms of spiritual communication. Through Bible Study I am hearing from God. By praying I am communicating with the Father. Through fellowship I speaking to others believers the wonderful truths about God and I at the same time hear from them. While by evangelizing I am sharing the truths concerning Jesus to those who are not yet saved.

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      Through the Bible, God speaks to us. Through our fellowship with others, we grow. And through our prayers, God listens to us.

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      All of these are essential to spiritual communication and formation. Bible study is important so that we are not just in Gods living Word but that so we understand it and how it all relates to us and to those around us. It gives us practical tools for our lives and families, and for our work. It also gives us peace as we read about all of the promises and prophecies fulfilled. It is where we can draw our hope.
      Fellowship with other believers is critical for us. Doing life alongside those who will continually point us and lead us back to the Cross is so important. Fellowship and celebrating the goodness of God and all that He has in store for those who love Him is part of how and why we were created.
      Prayer and conversation with our Father is His greatest desire- to be in relationship and communion with each of us. Our prayer life is important so that we are ready and prepared each day to do life with the Lord at our side. And praying for others to know the great love of Jesus is a gift we can share.

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      Bile Study is like conversing with God by getting to know Him better. Sitting and listening to His answers after we have poured out our heart before Him in prayer. These are vertical communication. Horizontal is side to side between each other, gathering in our common love and unity in Christ

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      Spiritual life is a life of relationships, and relationships of any kind are vitally connected to on-going communication: from God, to God, to believers, and to the those who need to know Christ.

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      Nathan Safe

      Studying the Bible is that God speaks to us. Prayer is a way that we communicate with God. Fellowship with other believers is how God uses us and others to build up His church (the believers).

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      Generally speaking – the Bible is God communicating to me, prayer is communicating to God, and fellowship is communication between other born-again Christians.

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      They are all different yet all work together. We need to study the Word on our own but also with other believers to grow spiritually hear from God. Prayer is our way of speaking to God. For communication it must be a two way street with listening and speaking to God.

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      The Lord speaks in many ways, but He is ALWAYS speaking. The surest way to commune with and hear from God is His written Word; every time we open it, He speaks! God will also use other Spirit-filled believers to speak through as we fellowship with them. And prayer is the cement that holds it all together. The Lord is eager to speak to us as sons and daughters, but if we never take time to hear His voice we never will.

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      Bible studies are small groups growing in the Word and knowledge of God through the Lord. Fellowship can be spiritual communication when centered on Jesus Christ. Prayer is personal spiritual communication with Jesus. It’s our direct channel to the Lord – listening and speaking.

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      All are different. The Bible is God’s word, fellowship is communication with other believers, and prayer is communicating and listening to God.

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      God reveals Himself to us through His word, His living, active and true Word. We can be encouraged by others by what God is doing in their lives and teaching them as we walk side by side continuing to grow individually and grow the Kingdom. And then prayer is our mode of communication with God. All are direct ways to see, hear, experience God, but all are still different in the patterns in which they occur.

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      God has revealed Himself to us through His Word and speaks to us through it. We speak to God through prayer. And through fellowship we are engaging with other believers who are also united with the Father through faith in Christ– allowing believers to fellowship together with Christ as Mediator.

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      The Bible His God’s word. This is one way in which he communicates to us. His Word tells us His plans for us and how we are to worship Him and live with others.
      Fellowship is how we show God’s love towards each other.
      Prayer is how we communicate with God.

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      God has revealed himself to us through His word. So, through Bible study we get to know God more and because his word is alive and active, we are transformed by his word. We know God has communicated about himself to us through his word, so reading the word is like “hearing” from God.
      Fellowship can be called a form of spiritual communication because as we are in community with other believers, we are sharpened, encouraged, rebuked, corrected, etc., according to the word of God. So in this case, it’s like God uses others to communicate his will and desires to us. He uses other believers to point us back to himself.
      Prayer can be called a form of spiritual communication because prayer is talking with God. So in prayer we are communicating with our Father in heaven.

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      Talking to God.
      God Talking to Us.
      Believers talking to Non Believers.
      Believers talking to Believers.

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      The Lord speaks to us in different ways: through his Word, through the wisdom of our fellow believers, and through prayer by the Holy Spirit.

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      In Bible study you are devouring God’s word and instilling that knowledge both in your heart and mind.
      Fellowship is reaching out to other and spending time with one another in God’s love.
      Prayer is you connection to God. Your personal everyday communication that stregthens your walk.

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      These all can be different forms of spiritual communication by the way they differ. Bible study is a way we receive God’s word. Fellowship is a way that we can spread God’s word. Prayer is a way that we ask or have a conversation with God.

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      Bible study is our receiving of communication from God through his holy word. Fellowship can be a lot of things but primarily I believe that it is the spurring on of one another in our faith. Prayer is our petition and praise of God and his attirbutes.

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      Katie Harrell

      All of these are ways we can learn and hear from God. Some are hearing directly from God the Father through His word, some are hearing from the Holly Spirit, and some are from people that God has placed in our lives to hear the truth through them.

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      We learn who God is and what He expects from His creation in the Bible. We learn about sin and redemption. We see the story of the Word made flesh. Through the Holy Spirit we are able to fellowship with God in unity and love with other believers. Through the Holy Spirit we are able to communicate with God through prayer.

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      Studying the Bible helps me to better hear from and understand God’s will for my life. It provides me with Godly wisdom and insight to the complexities of daily life. When I pray, I communicate directly do God my gratefulness, my inadequacy, my fears, my doubts, and my joy among other things. Fellowship is communication with other believers. I think it is absolutely necessary for Christ-followers to be in community with other believers. The Church is the body of Christ and we should be building each other up and encouraging one another to love and good deeds regularly.

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      Justin Lenamon

      It’s different ways for God to communicate to us.

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      We are interacting in different ways but for the same purpose and out of the same desire.

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      Bible study is understanding God’s word – growing in knowledge about his promises
      Fellowship is accountability and encouragement from other believers
      Prayer is your personal communication with God – the relational aspect of your faith in God

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      They are different forms because of whom each is communing with and how it is happening.

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      Bible study is God speaking to us. Fellowship is believers communing with other believers.
      Prayer is the believer (s) communing with God.

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      God reveals Himself o us and communicates in different ways. Bible study allows us to love God with our mind and recieve His truth. Fellowship allows us friendships, accountability, and opportunities to serve and love one another. Prayer is the direct listening and spaking to God. All of these help us align and abide to Him!

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      Each requires us to be ready to listen and see where the Holy Spirit is directing us… but the Bible reveals all of God’s character, fellowship allows us to connect on the spiritual and human levels, and prayer is the most direct communication between us and the living God.

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      All time with Holy Spirit, allows us to be lead by it rather than speak from our own logic. Communication comes from Holy Spirit when we allow his Spirit time to help us in our inequities.

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      I gain insight and knowledge in my walk with Christ based on each of these. They each bring me comfort and peace in different ways. God knows exactly what I need and He provides it through these avenues. I also worship and get peace from music. Praise music is extremely meaningful to me. I feel I can really talk to God through music. All are important and provide much needed peace and understanding from Christ. Each provides a different way to connect to Christ.

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      In bible study, with the help of the Holy Spirit, God speaks directly to us. In fellowship, the Holy Spirit in promised to be present and interceeding on our behalf. In prayer, we get to talk to God and present our request to Him.

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      Jordan Lozzi

      Bible study is looking at God’s written words to us prayer is us communicating back to God

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      Jordan Lozzi

      Bible study is looking at God’s written words to us prayer is us communicating back to God

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      They are all ways to grow deeper in relationship with Jesus.. to know him better and to love him more..

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      Bible Study is how we hear from God. We can also hear from God through fellowship with other believers. Prayer is our way of communicating back to God.

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      These are different ways through which God engages with his children

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      Bible allow us directly to know Gods word like an instructions, fellowship may teach you and encourage in your faith and prayer is a communication with God

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      Through personal Bible study I can learn (as the Spirit leads) more about God, the more I read, the more I desire to “investigate” and would lead me to pray for wisdom, utilize brethren from the church that could lead to a group Bible study and fellowship with other believers.

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      The bible is his word and helps us know him, fellowship encourages us in that and accountability. and prayer is talking to him.

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      Studying the Bible helps us know god deeper, fellowship with other believers sharpens our knowledge of God in practical ways and prayer is how we communicate with our Lord. Through each we are communing with the Lord and developing a deeper relationship with him.

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      Bible study, fellowship and Prayer are the tools God has given us to begin, maintain and grow in our Spiritual relationship with Him. In Jesus Christ, God has Justified me by sending Him to die on a cross for my sins and in Him God Sanctifies me to become more and more like the Saviour who died for me! Justification is a state, but Sanctification is a process that starts in this life and never ends!

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      All three of these will lead you into new growth with God in a different way. These are all acts of fellowship with God just on a different level. Bible study will allow you to see who God is, while fellowship will allow you to see God at work in others around you. Finally pray is the intimate time when you and God can talk about everything and anything. This is the most important in my opinion.

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      All of these are opportunities that help us to understand and cooperate as the Holy Spirit woos us to trust and follow Him. Each one develops another aspect of who we are in Christ. Bible Study keeps our hearts pliable to God and His Word. Fellowship allows opportunities to cultivate the fruit and Love of God in us. Prayer is a valid way of leaning, trusting and listening in a growing relationship with God. The result is growth and maturity. Without the Holy Spirit nudging us forward, we will get stuck in our preferences or miss growth in areas most needing of cultivation.

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      bible study fellowship and prayer this are all forms of spiritual communication for one in bible study you are not alone with god but yet surrounded by the power of god and his wisdom with others around you really taking the time to get a filtered and complete understanding of what the word or god himself is trying to put forth to you. in fellowship its following gods command to go out and being diselplies of his word and showing those not of faith the Beaty and peace that god offers and the ultimate salvation. and with prayer its taking the time out of your day to really here from god and understand what it is that he wants from you and having a conversation with him.

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      Because all three aspects are each spiritual and communicative in nature and essences; Bible study avails us with knowing the person of the Godhead plus the will and purposes of God for us, the wider humanity and creation. Fellowship with one another lets us share, expound on, and refresh on our knowledge of God, and God’s will and purposes. Prayer let us commune with God, harness and activate God’s will and power to bring about Kingdom expansions on earth.

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      Bible study is learning about God and the ability for God to reveal himself to us.

      Fellowship is communication with other believers to learn more or the character of Christ as well as grow closer to Him through those relationships.

      Prayer is our talking to God. Where as, Bible study can be God revealing himself, prayer is our way to express our love, thanksgiving and heart desires to God.

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      Bible study is God communicating with us, prayer is us communicating with God and fellowship is spending time with other believers to learn and grow in our faith.

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      Each involves a communication to God and to others. Bible study and prayer are our direct communication with God, while fellowship is our communication with other believers.

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      Each involves a form of communication and the content of that communication is spiritual.

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      Our Daily Bread
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