Explain how each of the following New Covenant provisions can contribute to the relief of the holy tension in our souls: New Purity, New Identity. New Inclination, and New Power.

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      New purity means that a person is forgiven and accepted. New identity shows a Christian that they are a chosen, child of God. New inclination reveals a new heart, a new appetite for God and one’s deep desires. New power is where one person can touch another through the power of Christ’s blood. Each of these provisions assist in spiritual maturity which relieves or changes the focus of tension. Turns the focus towards God.

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      New Purity: Through Christ’s death and resurrection, I am free, pure, forgiven.
      New Identity: I’m a child of God, my identity doesn’t lie in what I do or how I act, but who I am in Christ.
      New Inclination: My desire is for God above all earthy things that won’t satisfy.
      New Power: Ability to do greater things through the Holy Spirit’s leading and guiding.

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      included in one of my previous answers.

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      New Purity – Forgiveness through the blood of Jesus justifies and makes us accepted and able to be in fellowship with our father in heaven. This and
      He gives me/us (a) new identity. No longer am I a sinner, but am a child of God with all the privileges of the family of God, with the inheritance of our God, Father, King, Brother, and Holy Spirit.
      This all gives me new inclinations, new appetite, and deeper desires for His love, His Spirit, and His fellowship – to receive and to share.
      His power – not mine, not ours. In our weakness is His strength. We can do all things through HIm who strengthens us.

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      New Purity – Justify by the blood of Jesus Christ. I am forgiven and accepted!
      New Identity – I no longer belong to myself, but Christ who lives in me. I am a child of God.
      New Inclination – I no longer desire for things to please my needs, but a new heart and a new spirit to seek God and the things of God.
      New Power – the provision of the Spirit of God to do God’s work, God’s way in and through His empowerment.

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      New Purity – recognizes that we are forgiven and accepted by God through the blood of Jesus. It is a gift that cannot be lost. It makes sin less attractive and gives a desire to live in the light of God’s calling.
      New Identity – Our identity is in Christ. We are saints who sin, not sinners who sin. Our core identity is that we are Christian, children of God. Love touches the soul more deeply than evil. Our soul is defined by His love. That is our identity.
      New Inclination – a new appetite. A new heart that actually wants to do what the law requires. Indulgence of the Spirit, the new inclination/power.
      New Power – when the Spirit of God comes out of one person into another. When we see that all the provisions of the new covenant make it possible.

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