Explain how serving Christ in the workplace can be just as powerful as serving Christ in the church or the mission field.

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      In the workplace there are many non-Christians, it can be a good testimony to reflect Christ love to showcase Christ’s love to people.

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      Marketplace may potentially be one of the biggest field places where many people may not really know who Christ is or may not have seen how Christians live out Christ lives at a practical daily life level. With the help of the Holy Spirit and with constant prayers against spiritual warfare, if one can serve Christ in the workplace, one can really act as salt and light, and live out an obviously different and impactful life there. Not necessarily taking up the next promotion for better family life or not taking advantage of others in a work setting when one believes that God will provide (Jacob’s second half of his life) are powerful testimonies prompting people to think and ask questions. Workplace dynamics create many of those opportunities. Light shines brighter in darkness after all. The question is are we willing?

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      By serving Christ in the work place you not only let the Christian light in you shine by your actions, words and work ethic but you are also witnessing to others who may not know Christ as their Lord and Savior. People can accept Christ as Lord and Savior at their workplace just as easy as they can in a church.

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      If we are willing to be an instrument for the glory of God, yes then the Holy Spirit will setup resident in our lives to guide us be the salt ( carry the Word of God) and the sugar ( carry the Love of God) to help season the earth with God’s mercy and grace. The word declares that God don’t want no one to pershish that all should come into repentance and accept Jesus as Lord and Savoir. So we must be a living testamony for the Lord in the workplace, supermarket, malls anywhere we travel on God’s planet. All roads lead to GOD.

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