Explain, in your own words, how the laws that God gave to the Israelites differ from modern law.

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      The modern laws that we have today has to be specific. What seems to change the most is people’s mantality about the law. What do you think sometimes the law has to work for us. And there’s really no respect for the law.

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      The laws that God gave the Israelites were laws to protect His chosen from sin. Modern laws are considered crimes for all people.

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      The laws that God gave were not to prohibit certain things but instead, were meant to be an example.

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      The law of Exodus is a “model laws” or a paradigm for the people to use. It is not to be exhaustive …or complete lite the modern law. The total number for the Torah was 613. Modern law covers thousands of item. In the modern law, if an offense is not covered, then there is no punishment. With the law in Exodus, the judge could extrapolate from the main law and apply it to the specific case as needed.

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      First of all there is no discussion about what law the Israelites were following in Egypt. They had to worship Pharaoh because he was considered a god. God our Father introduced Himself with the plagues and moving them across the Red Sea. Now we are in the desert and Moses goes up the mountain to receive the law. The people are worshiping as if they were still in Egypt and build the golden calf and worshiped it just as they did in Egypt. Moses already knew God since he had met him in the burning bush and now on the mountain. It is evident the people need the law .
      Most of our modern laws are based on the Mosaic law, of course other laws have been added to full fill the wishes of the people.

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      The laws that God gave the Israelites were meant to keep them Holy, (leading to everlasting life) the law of man and modern law is to keep us in line.

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      The Laws that God gave Moses are viewed as “paradigms”, meaning they are interpreted as models of behaviours indicative to address particular circumstances and extrapolating from these same Laws to address such similar circumstances ; whereas modern law is more exhaustive and complete thus addressing a said particular circumstance only.

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      The Israelites exptrapolated from the law God gave them. God didn’t need to provide exact commandment for every situation, but the Israelites applied the law as general principles that governed their life.

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      we need to appreciate the fact that worship to God is very important. Gods people should be worshippers. Jesus tells us that the Father is looking for worshippers in Spirit and in truth. He gives the sharp instructions how to build the Tabernacle, all exact with all the meaning for sacrifice, cleansing forgiveness and worship. You make a Law for everything and so ……
      Its pretty clear what Moses need to to. In our times, we have so many thousands and thousands of Law.
      God makes it very clear, that He is the Only God.
      The Ten Commandments are organized by Four law: Our responsibility to our God, and six others refer to our responsibility to others.

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      The laws in given to Moses to be followed were central to who is at the center of it all, God, and how culture should follow in light of who God is and who his people should be. The laws that were given to Moses were plain and simple, there was no getting around the wording. Today, you can have a lawyer defend a criminal, who is guilty of a crime, get released due to a technicality and work around. That would not happen in the times after the Law was established in Israel.

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      The first 4 laws are about God. He is the only God and he needs to be worshiped. God is righteous. The 6 other laws are for us. How we should live life. These don’t differ all that much to our current laws. These laws go beyond the mere lawful laws. They are designed for us to keep our minds and bodies clean. To live a righteous life.

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