Explain, in your own words, Mary’s view versus Judas’ view of her anointing of Jesus with the expensive perfume. Think of an example from your own life where you have acted or thought similarly to Mary or Judas (you can choose either one). Describe the scenario.

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      Mary anointed Jesus with the perfume out of the pure love for Jesus. Judas’ protests and says that the money “wasted” in perfume could have been given to the poor. I know a lot of people that will claim that they go to church every Sunday when they don’t. It is hard not to just walk up in one of their conversations and tell them that its not true.

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      Mary anointed Jesus because she believed in that, and that He was the son of God. She believed that Jesus was the messiah, so she put on him the most valuable thing she had to show that she believed and trusted Him instead of selling it. Judas did believer that he was the Christ, he didn’t understand why she was sacrificing the most valuable thing she had when she could have sold it. Like in my play that i was doing at my church i had to take alot of time off and i was losing lots of money i had to trust that God would provide for me, and the main focus was on leading people to Christ.

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      Mary anointed Jesus as her Master and Savior but Judas valued the money and mentioned a “good excuse” for it’s use. I feel that there are times when I judge other people for what they are offering to God without considering that God is pleased with their sacrifices.

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      Mary’s act was out of selfless love. Presumedly is was at great personal expense to her both financially personally. She was fully convinced that Jesus was the Messiah. Judas, while believing Jesus to be the Messiah, appears to not have understood what that truly meant. His reaction about selling the expensive perfume to use to support the poor could indeed be for the selfish reason of profiting himself, it could have been a misguided attempt to be seen as necessary to fulfill the command from Deuteronomy to be generous and open-handed to the poor, possibly also he was being judgmental regarding Mary thinking a foolish act by a foolish woman. I personally have trouble with Christians who claim to have a specific, extraordinary blessing of God and claim to feel good about it while in the midst of needy people.

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      Jesus’s anointing by Mary represented her devotion to Jesus as her Savior and Messiah and perhaps she understood what Jesus had been saying about His upcoming death. Judas on the other hand was looking for an overthrow of the oppressive Roman rule and was looking at Jesus as that potential person to do so. In his eyes, the money that could have been gotten by selling the perfume could either support the overthrow of the Romans or at least line his own pockets with money. I am ashamed to admit that at times I would rather use money for my pleasure rather than use it to acknowledge the awesomeness of Jesus my Savior..

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      Mary loved Jesus and appreciated all that He had done. She had a grateful heart. Judas saw only the physical and not how he could spend his life’s worth to honor Jesus. I would think of giving extra in offering, not wanting to be obedient but to be selfish in giving.

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