Explain, in your own words, what the story of the flood in Genesis reveals about God’s nature.

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      Justice in the sense that sin and lawlessness will be punished. New “creation” in the sense that God destroyed the corrupted flesh that was on the earth and started again with Noah and his family. Mercy in the sense that God had to put an end to the violence and corruption on the earth before mankind wound up destroying themselves. Covenant relationship in the sense that God started with promises made to Noah and his family (will never destroy the earth again in a flood).

      What seems missed in the questions about God’s justification for sending the flood is the demand for justice upon evil, corruption and violence. What is missed is the depravity of what existed during the pre-flood days. People do not want to believe that people can be that depraved and sinful. How much “blood that cries from the ground” needed to occur before a punishment? The “blood crying” is a symbol of the soul crying for its right to live (Lange).

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      God is bent on preserving his good world. When he recognizes that humanity is bent upon its own destruction, he cleanses the earth and begins a covenant with a human partner. This act of renewal is fundamental to God’s nature.

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      God intended the flood for good to accomplish the saving of mankind. He HAD to act to preserve the human race. He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7) yet gives mankind free will in their lives but at times, in grace, He will act to guide us along the best pathway for our lives and for His purposes in us.
      In this wickedness we see the footprint of satan, the work of destroying God’s creation. God had to act to save us, just as He had to act through Jesus to save the world.

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      The story shows the holiness and love of God. Mankind was totally evil and destroying itself. God stepped in to preserve a righteous man and his family to continue the human race. Though things seem one way to us, God always does right.

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      James E.

      God abhors evil, and the human race was becoming more evil. Despite this evil, God found one man (Noah) and his family who remained righteous. So, to preserve the righteousness since God is righteous and we are created in His image, God decided to destroy the evil from the face of the earth. The story of the flood reveals that God is a God of righteousness, love and peace. He has no use for evil. The evil itself would have destroyed the world had God not sent the flood, while still preserving righteousness through one man and His family who were pleasing in God’s eyes. In a sense, by preserving this family and a pair of each species of animals in the ark, God was wiping out the evil and giving the world a new start for the human race. This was an act of love for those who loves God, worships, and honors Him.

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      God wants to preserve the holy people god is love not hate

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      God is holy and merciful. He saw that there was so much evil in the world and he wanted to preserve mankind.

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      Still very hard to explain, but God saw the entire world had come to evil, and if God had not intervened with the flood, would have destroyed the whole world by their actions. God made a convenient with Noah, because he was good and show His rejection of violence.

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      It’s explains God holiness and attendant preservations of the good from ultimate destruction of the evil amongst human genealogy. That is God’s restarts humanity of the premise of the good that He found within/about Noah and his household.

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      Humanity is on a path to destroy itself and all that God created. God uses the one man (and his family) not totally given over to evil to give humanity a new start. Out of love for His creation, God gives us a second chance.

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      Our Daily Bread
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