Explain in your own words why Revelation at its heart is not a depressing book of doom and gloom.

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      Revelation contains pictures of true worship, in Spirit and in truth, descriptions of the new heaven, tender descriptions of our Lord wiping away our tears. Pictures of power and love.

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      Revelation is a book of hope because it describes how God will one day restore this world to His original purpose. A world without sin, sickness, or death.

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      Judgment is only part of Revelation. Revelation also talks about Heaven and the new creation, neither of which are images of “doom and gloom”

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      Revelation give me a glimse into what Heaven looks like and the promise of a transformed Earth without pains, sufferings or oppression. It gives hope to long for Christ to return and I can only envision the earth to be almost like a restored garden of Eden.

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      Revelation not a book about gloom and doom because at the end of the book we read that God reigns on earth with His people in a new creation.

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      On the surface one could say that Revelation is a book of doom and gloom but digging deeper, we can see that Revelation is truly a revelation of the character of God and Jesus Christ. There is divine judgment for those that have rejected and opposed God’s will but there is much hope given for those that have accepted Jesus Christ as their redeemer through the descriptions of the New Heaven and Earth.

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      Joseph Wilson

      It details the wonderful end of the story for the believers in Jesus Christ. The judgment is for the non-believer and the evil that’s in the world. I don’t understand how anyone could look soberly at the book of Revelation and be nothing but excited for Christ’s imminent return.

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      The lecture taught me that Revelation more explains how the Kingdom of God will happen on earth than it is intended to scare/depress people. It’s more telling a story of how things will happen.

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      For so many reasons…
      We learn about God’s character and the person of Jesus, we are shown a glimpse of heaven and a new earth where we will all reside with God and Christ in all their holiness and splendor – where all evil, chaos and sadness have been removed. Understanding the layout of Revelation absolutely helps to reveal why it is more a book of hope than one of doom and gloom!

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      Revelation is not a book of depressing about doom and gloom because it’s focus is not about the judgments but is about the majestic God and the person of Jesus Christ being worshipped by all – currently in heaven and at the end of the age be also on earth. God will purify all the chaos by His judgments and through Jesus Christ to bring His people to the new creation on earth in the future. It is a book of hope and assurance that God will live with His people in His perfect new world. It is a book of encouragement for us to hold on to His truth and endure all the challenges that we may face now and the time to come until Jesus come back to establish His kingdom.

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      Revelation is a book of hope and worship. It shows me how to worship and it reveals to me who GOD. It also reveals that there will be a new heaven and a new earth without sin, GOD will reign forever.

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      Revelation is not a depressingn book of doom and gloom because it is primarily about the Heavenly Kingdom (Chapters 4-5) and the New Creation ( Chapters 21-22)
      that will be established on Earth. This will be a wonderful creation without such things as death, pain or crying.

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      It gives hope to the Christian that one day God will remake the heavens and the earth and will establish his kingdom on Earth. All things will be as they were after the creation was completed and before the fall of man into sin. Knowing that there will be no tears, no illnesses, no diseases, no sorrow, no pain nor any sin gives Christians hope for a better life in the future.

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      Love seeing this book as hope now. But, also acknowledging that there will be judgement. No sugar coating there. Our hope in God is that one day his promise to us will be fulfilled. Until then, we are to live a life pleasing to God. My pastor used to say, save your fork, the best is yet to come.

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      Baboo samuel

      Chapters 4 & 5 speaks about the beautiful vision of Heaven. It ends with Chapters 21 & 22 where that vision becomes a reality on Earth.

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      Although Rev contains highly descriptive and alarming accounts of judgements and God’s wrath; knowing they are mostly symbolic gives me some comfort. In the worst times of my life, I tend to default to the glorious descriptions of “heaven now” and “heaven then” when we join God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the eternal Tabernacle.

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      It has been a while since I have read through the book of Revelation. Recently, I felt the Lord telling me to revisit this book. You are opening my eyes to a new way of seeing this book. Thinking of it as having a message of HOPE! I have always gotten lost in all the symbolizism. But today I want to shout “hallelujah” to the future new creation, a new heaven and a new earth, with no more chaos, no more evil, no more sickness, and our Father and our Brother will reign forever and we will enjoy them, living in the Light of their Presence, forever! Amen!

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      The Lord’s plan and purpose for this world and his people is that all that is contrary to his good will be removed forever. That his kingdom of righteousness will be established on earth, as it is in heaven, and when God and the Lamb (Jesus), will be their light and dwell with his people and they will worship him, in the beauty of his holiness.

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      After watching the lecture, I see it from a different point of view. I do see the hope rising out of the ashes and I do see that it is a book of steadfast hope for us as believers

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      Revelation has some doom and gloom when the nations get judged by God and God ultimately defeats them all. The ending however, is about heaven decending and finally coming to rest here on earth. But not the old earth – a new earth. Where there will be no more wars, evil, thieves, murderers etc. A place where believers will dwell with God and the Lamb in perfect peace.

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      I look forward to the day of the new creation. Revelation is the one the books that keeps me going and not go weary in doing good. It’s a challenge to do good, living in a world so full of hatred and chaos but the book of Revelation gives us believers the hope to remain faithful to God as we eagerly wait for His coming.

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      I look forward to the day of the new creation. Revelation is the book that keeps me going and not go weary in doing good. It’s a challenge to be good, living in a world so full of hatred and chaos but the book of Revelation gives us believers the hope to remain faithful to God as we eagerly wait for His coming.

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      I never look at Revelation as a depressing book of doom and gloom. When I read it the first time and many times after, my concerns was to understand the book more. this was the book that actually helped me to completely surrender my to Christ. This book opened my eyes and gave me insight into the end of enemy and his foes. One of my goals with the help of the Holy Spirit is to preach the book of Revelation. There is so much to learn and I am excited. Thank you. Blessings

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      I think because even though there is doom and gloom, the main message is that in the end after God has cleansed those that didn’t want to be part of His kingdom anyways He puts in display or paints a picture of what awaits the remnant of God, those that have endured and remained faithful till the end. It brings hope to the people of God, that we await eagerly our redemption, and in revelations God wants the people to understand to not lose hope.

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      Our Daily Bread
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