Explain the biblical basis for understanding that life doesn’t get any easier but it does get richer.

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      Living in the secular world, we are guaranteed to have sufferings especially if we are living for Christ. To the minimum, we will constantly face the challenges to choose between living for God or other things. This is so real and we will make wrong choices that we cause sufferings to ourselves. Nonetheless, God promised to be with us and be our helper that our lives will get richer as we get closer to experiencing His togetherness.

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      Life doesn’t get any easier, we all have hurts, challenges, sorrow, and heart aches. We do not live in Eden anymore, because of sin. Life does get richer with God when we rely on His will for our lives, when we are richly blessed, with Godly friends, who come along side of us and are willing to walk the journey of life with us. When we show the fragrance of grace toward others, we can be a blessing toward those who seek soul care and spiritual friendship. We are richer when we bless others, by our compassion and by our actions.

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      We long for Eden and think of it as a perfect place, but there is actually a better place-in fellowship with God where we can never be cast out no matter what we do or fail to do. In this place, we know God intimately and spiritual formation takes place within us. We no longer live in Eden and we never will, but there is something better offered to us amidst the discomfort and pain.

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      I thought of Ephesians 1:3-23 – life does get richer, beyond what we deserve in Christ Jesus.
      Life will not be easier as the tension of the flesh will always be against the spirit will be more apparently and ‘aggressive’ to take us back to Eden, instead of the Promised Land.

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      We no longer live in Eden but in a fallen, broken world. Therefore we will always struggle, but God is working in ways to draw us deeper to Himself through our struggles

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      The bible says that we will go through trials and tribulations and be persecuted for Jesus sake. The journey does not get easier, it get’s richer as we exchange false hope for real hope in Christ. Not to get what we want, but to become who God wants us to be in Him.

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