Explain the concept of “visualization.” How is this concept useful in preparing a speech or sermon?

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      Listeners see ideas in pictures. Through our descriptive words and concrete examples we help the audience see what we are saying.

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      The visualization process is one of the most important parts of a sermon or speech to me. This process really paints the picture of the big idea and helps make it relatable to the audience. Visualization, answers the “So what?” question the audience may have regarding your topic, the question of how do I apply to this to my life now or later.

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      Erick Goodman

      Visualization is a picture of a situation in which they will use to help them see what you have been talking about.

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      so that the listeners imagine what’s going on or what’s would happen in real life.

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      The concept of visualisation is hoping your listeners imagine them self in the situation where the idea being presented can be possible or even very probable. The concept of visualisation is helpful in making the idea being presented thinkable something the listener can take along.

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      In a talk, a good speaker will put forward a concept that people may be able to use, may not be the next day but someday in the future. Visualization is a way of projecting people into the future, into a situation where they may apply the concept they have just learned.
      This concept helps prepare a speech or sermon because it enables the speaker to demonstrate how they can use the concepts in their daily life. By applying this concept in their everyday life, they can better understand and appreciate the real benefit.

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      The concept of “visualization” is one of portraying pictures of what you want the audience to see/visualize through illustrations by using remarks like “for instance…” or “for example…”

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      Our Daily Bread
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