Explain the difference between style and character and briefly provide a few examples of each. Choose at least one aspect of your personal style and describe it.

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      Style is your own way of doing things. Character is being different than other people. My personal style is to be a role model in any situation that I am in with other people.

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      Style would be more what defines your personality or interests, what you are in to and how you do things. I think in the video he described two people; one who liked Opera and the other who liked sailing. Character is more about how you deal with situations and people. For example, how you are able to have a relationship with your people and how you are able to handle the difficult things that need to be dealt with. It also refers to being able to look at yourself and be able to identify weaknesses and grow in those areas.

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      Style is more how you handle things, but character is who you are. My style and character lines up the same. My character and who I am as a person is actually the style I lead with. I am very open, and honest about myself and I am the same way to others, but I do in a loving way to others but I am more hard on myself.

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      Style is the way you present yourself and character is how you define yourself. Style would be more performance based while character would be more relational.

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      My definition of character is the principles of what you stand for. Who you are as an individual. Style is how you present yourself as a leader and as an individual. For example, having two people stand for the same thing, they have the same character. But they can have different approaches to how they do things.
      Like two parents who want their kids to do well in school one more strict and the other more chill or lenient, or two politicians with the same view, but one is formal and the other is informal.

      For my own personal style, I take time to get to know people first before I open up more, then I become more outgoing.

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      Style is the way you present yourself or go about things in life . Character is how you define yourself as a person. For example a good leader shows good morals and integrity in all they do. Style is more focused about out ward appearances and aspects of life. In terms of my style I would say that I am an easy going person until I find something I am highly interested in or passionate about.

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      David Smith-torres

      Style and character are two different things as style is something that is unique to only one person or what they only do that no one else does, such as putting themselves to the side to think internally or think externally via looking for or asking for feedback. Character is focused more on one’s maturity, how they evolve as a person and it can show in multiple people as well as it being more of a precedent over style. Character also focuses on key details like relationship, responsibility, and vision as all three details can help make a good leader. My personal style can be described like a jack-in-a-box, where it starts off calm when you don’t do much to it but one you get it going to has this burst of energy to it and my character is someone who can have fun while trying to stay responsible and mature about something.

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      Style is the way you present yourself or go about things. Character is the way you show your true self. For example a good leader shows morals and integrity in every day life. Style is more about out ward appearances. I believe character is shown inside and out. I would say my personal style is easy going unless there is something I’m passionate about. Then my character comes out and it can be quite infectious.

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      Destiny Schreiber

      The difference between style and character is that style is the way that you are inside and out. Your style is locked away in your DNA genetic code, something that you cannot change being internally/externally orientated. And character is something you can change. A character deals with relationships, disconnected, responsibility, unaccountable, etc… One aspect of my style is that i am externally orientated. I can be internal at times but thats if something happens. I can do stuff myself and get any information and confirmation through others and other things from resources. I dont close down and hold anything off.

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      Our Daily Bread
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