Explain the three strategies “Explain,” “Prove,” and “Apply.” How does a speaker accomplish these?

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      Once you have opened the interest of the audience, built a bridge and offered a subject it becomes necessary to qualify your statement/s. Painting a mental picture so that each one listening can see what you are talking about.

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      He can “explain” what his talk is about by answering the question “What does that mean?’
      He can “prove” what his talk is about by answering the question “What does that mean?”
      He can “prove” what his talk is about by answering the questions “Is that true? How did you know that?”
      The speaker can also use illustrations to explain, prove and how to apply his speech.

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      A speaker accomplishes ” Explain” by using word pictures and analogies. A speaker “proves” what he is saying and wins the belief of the audience by giving them an illustration. And, he applies what he is saying with a “for instance” and gives the audience an answer to the “so what?”

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      Explain- What are you saying? What does that mean?
      Prove- What does that mean? Is it true? Do I really believe It?
      Apply- What difference does it make?

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      Erick Goodman

      Explain what does that mean, Prove is do I believe or is that true, Apply is what difference does it make. A speaker needs to give specific language to paint a picture.

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      Explain: What does that mean?
      Prove: Is that true?k
      Apply: What difference does it make?

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      When an idea is presented (in a form of a statement), there the need for three strategies, to
      1. Explain:- to clarify the idea in order for listener to get better UNDERSTANDING of it.
      2. Prove:- to ascertain the TRUTH of the idea, so that the listener can find it reliable.
      3. Apply:- to show of what USE is the idea to the listener.

      The speaker can achieve this by using instances or examples to drive the point home, by relating it to the listener’s need.

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      If a speaker wants to develop a point or the whole talk itself, they must do only three things. The first one is to explain what he is saying, the second one is to prove what he is saying, and the final one is to show how to apply it by using examples to illustrate it.

      The speaker can accomplish this by seeking the answer to three questions, namely, what does that mean (explain), Is that true? And Do I believe it? (to prove) and what difference does it make? (to apply it).

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      Explain means What exactly is it?
      Prove means is it True?
      Apply means So What?

      A speaker accomplishes these by saying, “For instance” or “For example”

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