Explain why Israel was a land bridge between the empires of the Fertile Crescent.

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      It was a key terrain feature between Europe- Africa- Asia, all trade and travelers had to pass through it. It was an ideal location to collect tariffs from merchants, tariffs that were used to sustain and build strong military.

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      It was a land bridge between Asia, Africa and Europe which made traveling easier as merchants were along the way and the land made it easy for camels to travel to move the goods.

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      Israel was located between the three continents and had a clear land route that could cut travel time and hazard down significantly between the empires. The travel via land was preferred because of the primary available means of communication, e.g. camels.

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      It was on the international highway that allowed the empires of the Fertile Crescent to travel between Asia, Africa and Europe without having to cross mountains or seas.

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      Israel became a land bridge because all mercantile traffic was done by camels; that meant that natural obstacles likes deserts, mountains, and seas needed to be avoided. As it was easier to travel here, trade goods were moved through and the Promised Land was the land bridge traveled between Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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      It set on the only trade route and was vital in the transport of goods between Asia, Africa and Europe.

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      It provided all that was needed for easy travel. It was a central location that connected the empires.

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      Israel became a land bridge for the empires of the Fertile Crescent. This land bridge connected Africa, Asia and Europe. It was the only path due to the natural environments of the surrounding areas… to the north is the Alpine-Himalayan Mountains…to the south is the Syrian/Arabian Deserts…
      to the west is the Mediterranean Sea…and to the east is the Arabian Desert. Israel became the only safe path for merchants and others to travel back and forth to other countries.

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      Baboo samuel

      It was a major a roadway between Asia & Africa, Africa & Europe and Europe & Asia.

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      The Fertile Crescent was “bracketed” by the Himalayan range extension on the north, the impossible – to – cross desert in the south, and the Mediterranean on the west. Israel is the only convenient part of the Fertile Crescent that could support travelling – food and water availability, connecting all three continents Europe, Africa and Asia. Travelling by land is the most convenient way…so naturally it is the land bridge for all the empires of East, West and South.

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      First and foremost, it is a travel-friendly land and a food-producing land combined with sufficient water resources. Therefore, it is a major international route that connects all the important empires in the ancient world. Another reason is that the alternative and shorter route is not conducive to travelling.

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