Explain why the authors at times differ from each other in their accounts.

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      They each had their own personality, they were writing to different groups of people and they each had their own perspectives and reasons for writing

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      They were different people with different interests and different proffesions. As individuals they would see things differently as well.

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      Since they were different people with different backgrounds and interests, they would see things differently from each other at various times. Like the example of an accident, different witness would see the same event but they might focus on different aspects of the accident or they saw it from a different angle than the other witnesses.

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      The authors although writing about Jesus presented him from different perspectives according to their relationship with him,personally or from research and observations. Coming from different backgrounds it is imperative to read all four gospels to appreciate how the “Good News’ was presented to people of different ethnicities and backgrounds.

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      Because each of them where talking to different groups of people.

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      They were writing from different perspectives, to different audiences and had different purposes for writing.

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      Each one of the Gospel Authors’ accounts were indeed different:
      1. Matthew: Addressed the Jews . Wrote about the Kingship of Jesus
      2. Mark: Addressed the Romans. Wrote about the Servanthood of Jesus
      3. Luke: Wrote about Jesus as our Savior.
      4. John: John wrote about Jesus as the Son of God!

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      Each gospel has their own perspective on the events.

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      Ma. Remedios

      They differ in terms of their backgrounds and profession. These reasons were evident when we read the Gospels.

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      The authors at times differ from each other in their accounts for a variety of reasons. One reason they differ is because they each come from a different background. For example, Luke was a physician so his writing to will follow a different set of standards from someone who is not a physician. Another reason they are different is because Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are all writing to different audiences. They will write according to their audience and emphasis certain components of Christ’s ministry.

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      I believe the authors accounts differ at times because each author interprets or sees things differently than each other. Two can see the same thing but still interpret it different. It depends on the person seeing or hearing the event.

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      Each writer seen the events that took place during Jesus’ life here from different angles, Matthew and John from their personal relationship with Jesus. and Mark and Luke from what they had learned through teachings, research, and study.

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      Each writer of the Gospels was a unique individual who experienced their journey with Christ differently! It’s like reconstructing an event from talking to multiple people who experienced it!

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      The authors of gospels differ in their account because they had a different purpose and point of view to present Jesus to a different audience

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      The authors of the four gospels differ because each was writing to a specific audience. The differences in which their writings were intended for be it, Greek aidience, Roman audience etc. Largely influences how these gospels were written. Also there are different perspectives in each writer, different personalities, and writing styles to take into account. Each difference and different detail brings about a more dull and total picture of Jesus and his life. Most importantly they show us that Jesus died for our sins ans rose again so that we can have a relationship with him.

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      The authors’ accounts are different because their experiences were different. Some knew Jesus personally and they were his disciples others were not. The authors came from different cultures, backgrounds, education and professional; therefore, their story and audience is different.

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      The gospels were written to different audiences by different people who had a different perspective or view on what they saw. Their background influenced what they wrote and how they wrote it down.

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      Their experiences with Jesus were probably different.

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      They differ because they had a different perspective, personal relationship with Jesus and were addressing different audiences.

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      It is interesting to not that there are differences between the authors of the gospel based on their heritage and personal experiences. Mathew for instance bases his gospel to the Jews fulfilling the prophesy of the Messiah. Luke on the other hand addresses the gospel to the gentiles mainly based in Rome. Mark on the other hand presents the Lord as a servant someone who was always ready to place himself second. John’s gospel on the other hand is a message that present Jesus as God.

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      The authors at times differ from each other in their accounts. They may have been different because they all had different occupations and spoke from a different point of view. For example: Matthew , Mark, Luke, and John could have had a different audience and wrote from the eye of their gift and job title. Matthew was a tax collector and a business man. Therefore, he may have spoken about the importance of money, tax payments, and the increase or decrease cost of living. Mark was a missionary, one of God’s servants. His goal was probably focused on telling others about the message of the cross. He could have traveled with a mindset of helping others to understand the importance of God’s Word. Luke was a physician, historian, and scientist and because of his concern about the physical being, history of his homeland, and study of the universe, his messages could have focused on keeping the body healthy and clean by eating the proper foods in order to live a long life. John was a fisherman, he caught and sold fish for a living. His conversations may have influenced others to purchase three piece fish dinner.

      Everyone has a different personality. Each of us have a different point of view. Even though we all may have witnessed the same account at the same time, our interpretation could sound and look totally different.

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      The gospels offer different viewpoints.

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      The gospels differ from one another for various reasons. Matthew and John were disciples so they gave eyewitness accounts of the life of Jesus while Mark was a disciple of Peter and used his accounts of Jesus to write his gospel. Luke was a Gentile believer who followed Paul and used extensive research to formulate his account.
      Another reason that the accounts are different is that the gospel writers had different purposes and audiences. Matthew wrote specifically for Jewish listeners and wanted to show them that Jesus was the long awaited Messiah King that they hoped for. Mark portrayed Jesus as God’s servant. He also wrote to Roman citizens and because they did not know or have use for Jewish law, there was little reference to it. Luke wrote to Gentile believers and emphasized that Jesus was the savor of all people not just the Jews. Lastly John’s audience was all people and he wanted to prove Jesus was God,

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      I find it very interesting and it helps give a more complex view of Jesus. Their audiences were different and needed to be told of His glory in ways they would understand. In the present day seeing these different views and putting them together is crucial. If you look at a sculpture you look at it from all sides, not from just the front. Their views complete the sculpture that is Jesus Christ and His life.

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      Their account of the gospel depended upon their audience, their own interest, and their purpose for writing.

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      The authors times differ because of the times they were writing and the audiences they were writing to. The message is still the same in all four gospels.

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      The authors of the Gospels are writing for different purposes to different audiences. Therefore they focus on different important aspects that are relevant to their argument.

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      The authors writings are at times are different because the authors themselves have different perspectives. They also are writing to different audiences with different purposes for their writing.

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