Explain why the teacher compares the Old Testament to a film.

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      The teacher compares the Old Testament to a film because the Old Testament story must be spliced together to keep the story moving forward. These are details that we need to know, but the story wouldn’t flow smoothly if they were inserted at this time.

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      Because each book picks up where the last time book left off

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      The “Time” books are much like a film due to each one taking place after the previous book ended. Each book can be considered an act in the overall narrative of the Old Testament, whilst the “Color” books are there for additional information without interrupting the flow.

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      The time books move the story forward like a movie. The color books add details about the story.

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      The “time” books in the Old Testament keep the narrative going and move the story going. The “color” books include important events that add details to the main plots. The Old Testament is like a film in this way; it keeps the story moving while adding details.

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      The “Time” books are a continuous story, which as a film, starts at the Creation and follows through in order to the end when the Israelites were released by the Persians to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and the city wall.

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      Because the “time books” are in time order as they happened, like a movie. It builds on one another to create a bigger story and moves God’s bigger story forward.

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      The Old Testament might be compared to a film because it tells a story. Each book of the Old Testament builds off one another. As the reader progresses through the Old Testament, they become more invested because they want to see “how the next story fits in.” Similarly, films captivate viewers by creating a storyline that builds and ultimately concludes with a climatic endings.

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      The Old testament is made up of books that tell a story and some that are referred to as color of the story.

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      Each story from the bible builds off the other. The more you get to know what is going on the more you want to see what happens next. it’s captivating. It has all the requirements, love, war, mystery. You can pull any book out and turn it into a short film and watch it, or you can watch them in order. that’s the great thing about it.

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      The Old Testament can be compared to a film because each story builds upon the last to create one flowing story much like a film does.

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      Una storia sarebbe un semplice racconto accademico se non avesse un significato.. per la vita del destinatario della storia. L’AT è una storia (Time books) piena di significato (color books)
      perciò possiamo paragonare l’A.T. ad un film con una trama si che scorre ma sempre con parti che ne motivano il movimento.
      Anche Noi oggi ne siamo i destinatari di tale storia(film) con il significato che ne consegue da applicare alla nostra vita(I Corinzi 10.11)

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      It is easy to compare to the Old Testament to a film or a television show, because you want to pull all of the stories out and consume them that way like you do any movie. To be honest, it would be a very boring book if the Bible was written totally like the book of Numbers. If it were nothing but rules and laws. I know so many people already who do not understand the old testament at all because they have never sat down and really looked at all of the rich history and stories that are in it. Honestly in the fast paced world that we all live in today, everyone wants to get their biblical fix from something quick that were like a movie or a show and not from actually sitting down and taken the time to fully read and understand the Word of God as it were written. Him comparing it to a film certainly tries to modernize the Bible and make it to a way that would bring more people to actually want to spend their time in the Word. However, I do not think very many people that are doing this course need it to be compared to a movie in order to actually be interested.

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      It provides a holistic story and even through not chronologically In order it still provides a story like a film wood films often go back-and-forth in time and so down as the Old Testament is about knowing where there’s linkages belong

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      The Old Testament is a story filled with love, battles, betrayal, and characters no writer could make up! It would make a great movie with all these elements!!!

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      Taylor Burkit

      The Old Testament was compared to a film because the books move the story forward. One leaves off and another picks up.

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      Because the time books are like a movie reel, moving the narrative forward. The color books add the details.

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      The OT is like a film because is sort of tells a story (filled with all types of characters). As we see the life of a particular developed it seems to briefly describe the event in their life ( some very meaningful) and at the death of a particular character, a new character emerges and his story is revealed. Sometimes it seems that the Bible flashbacks to an earlier event or provides more information about that event. There also is an important message that’s revealed to us as we read about the different people and groups of people. When God’s Word is followed, God bestows blessings and victories upon the obedient. Failure to follow His commandments are met with tragedy and loss of battles or just various hardships that people are forced to endure (like the 40 years in the wilderness).

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      The Old Testament is compared to a film because of the rich and deep connections that the 17 time books progress and connects God’s vision and wisdom to His voice. The color books are part of His narrative and helps readers understand deeper the content and struggles of the time period. Like a movie, God wanted readers to understand and connect to the content and provided additional insight and emotional connection to things that were happening. God wanted each of us to “see” ourselves in the historical events and thus, like a movie, we become connected and have an emotional response to the events. The reality is movies are similar to the Bible vs. the other way around.

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      The teacher compares the Old Testament to a film because the “Time” books read like a film or a movie, one ends and the next picks up where the last ends. The “Color” books add the details that God believes are important but does not want to bog down the movie like read of the “time” books and have the reader get caught up in and fails to continue.

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      The time books are like a movie reel, he said, because where one ends, the next one picks up and moves the story forward.

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      It is like a movie that starts slow-building thoughts, concepts and developing the characters along the way. It provides a basic understanding, a period of conflict, and a resolution of the conflict as most modern movies of today.

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      Because the beginning of one time book picks up where the previous time book left off

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      As a BIG BOOK the script of the story moves us, the readers, along the timeline while the individual books give us flashes of the actual people living that script.

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      The Old Testament is like a film because it starts with a story and adds details throughout so we can fully understand it.

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      While the Old Testament is a complete story in itself, it was not presented in such a way. It is like a mystery movie we’re we are shown certain things as the story moves forward with brief pauses to fill in gaps or provide more clues or details about specific events. And instead of splicing all thieve books together into one long detailed completely organized book, we are given the opportunity to know what to read to get the big picture and what to read to add the details.

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      In Dr. Buzzell’s review of the discussion of The Old Testament Story he helps to clarify the writing and sequence of texts through two categories; “color” and “time.” The category of “time” denotes the 11 “time” books. “The ‘time’ books are spliced together like a movie reel.” These texts tell us the main ideas and events of the story. The next book picks up the story where the previous book stopped. These “time” writings are the texts that keep the story moving and keep us turning the pages to see what happens next ! The editing of these “time” books required some detail and elaboration. or “color” added to the writing. Often this editing process would require an entire new text as to not slow down the story with more detail than necessary.

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      The Old Testament is like a film because it moves the story forward from the beginnings in Genesis to the rebuilding of the nation in Ezra and Nehemiah.

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      Because like a film for some scene the need to add extra details on it so that the audience get the message. The same with Old Testament, there are move story but also the author want to bring more details in order to deliver the points.

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      He compares the Old Testament to a film because it is sliced together with many different stories from different times that move the story along while also having stories that bring color to the stories that move the story along. These “color” stories give us more details and important information that we wouldn’t otherwise have for the “time” stories.

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      The Old Testament is compared to a film to show the differences between it and a movie. It does not follow the traditional outline of a movie going from beginning to end so we should understand that when we are reading it and that will help with our understanding.

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      The teacher uses this analogy, comparing the Old Testament to a film, because the Old Testament Books tell the story of God’s gift of salvation. He calls seventeen of the Books narrative books that tells God’s story. Then he describes other Books as “time” books that move the story forward (like a movie). And “color” books that add intrigue to the story. Each Old Testament Book adds to another Book, keeping the story (film) moving forward to the conclusion.

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      The old testament is compared to a film because the books are spliced together, to become one continuous story.I went back and re-assessed my original answer.

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      The teacher compares the old testament to a film because it is a story that moves along, The time books, but occasionally backtracks with additional details to the story,The color books.

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      Ma. Remedios

      The teacher compares it to a film because of its narrative form.

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