Following are the three scriptural supports for Dr. Crabb’s three-legged stool model for spiritual direction. In your own words, summarize the three legs described in these passages: Proverbs 20:27 Psalm 73:23-24 1 John 2:26-27

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      Proverbs 20:27- The Lord’s light penetrates the human spirit exposing every hidden motive. It is like a flashlight in the dark, it shines deep in the darkness. The sin of man is exposed, it can not be hidden from God.
      Psalm 73:23-24-God is with us always, and He will never leave us, God will help and guide us through a difficult situation, issue , or in a conversation with others.
      John 2:26-27- When we end up going in the wrong direction, God will guide us and lead us in the right direction. He will give us spiritual direction.

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      Leg 1: Abide in Him. God knows your interior world. Nothing to hide. Nothing to prove.
      Leg 2: Abide in Him, and He holds me and guide me with His counsel.
      Leg 3: Abide in Him, He grants you wisdom and discernment.

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      Leg 1: God provide a light for us to see what is happening at the center of my being. I am able to know and discern flesh dynamics and what is wrong with me.

      Leg 2: God dwells within me-in the center of my being and he will guide me through any situation to enjoy Him and be changed.

      Leg 3: The Holy Spirit will convict and point us in the right direction when we are going the wrong way.

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      Proverbs 20:27 – The Spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord – It’s possible to enter flesh dynamics and know what’s wrong.
      Psalm 73:23-24 – I am with you and you(GOD) guide me. – God Himself will make known the path home.
      1 John 2:26-27 – The anointing teaches you all you need to know – Our deepest desires are from God.

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