Frank Pastore believes that life popping into existence is a second Big Bang. Why do you agree or disagree with this?

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      The Big Bang theory is a stretch to believe in and of itself, the probability is small. A second Big Bang which results in life is even harder to believe and requires more faith than just believing in God. The Big Bang could be the result of the instantaneous Word spoken into existence.

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      I agree with Frank Pastore that evolution would have to have a 2nd Big Bang but also several. There is too many things in this world for one catastrophic event to occur. he mentions matter, plants, humans. This is all true. The Bible talks about creation in not just one day but six days. It accounts for what occurred on day 1, 2, 3 and so on and man was last. Even trying to understand evolution the example of the eye design also proves that a bang could not have just place an eye in an animal so strategically. Science likes to prove everything how can a bang prove the design of an eye?

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      I believe that Frank Pastore is stating that the Big Bang theory (at least a singular event) is an insufficient explanation for the creation of life as we know it. He claims it would have taken several catastrophic events to create matter and motion from nothing, then life from non-life, and then finally a conscience…. which is impossible. Creation came about from God.

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      Marquelle Dais

      I agree with this because if life came from a second Big Bang it again proves the creation of God. If the universe was created in an instance and they came life then it was a set of plans in motion and God was the mastermind behind each of those set events.

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      I believe the biblical reference to the creation of the universe. It does say that matter was created in a short period of time which could be viewed as a bang. I do see the differences in the steps of creation but I am unsure of how God chose to use those in the actual moment of creation.

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      I don’t agree. I wouldn’t describe the creation of life as a “big bang.” To me, the term “big bang” describes something happening as spontaneous, because Genesis describes God as purposefully creating man in His image.

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      He was saying that if you agreed with Big Bang there had to be several “Bangs” and the second would have to have been “life out of nothing”. Only God could have made creations and Genesis states what and when those occurred.

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      Our Daily Bread
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