From an historic perspective, Vernon Grounds spoke of the influence of the Christian faith:“Along came Christianity and it produced change, remarkable change. It abolished the unthinkable powers of gladiatorial conflicts in the Roman arena. It elevated the position of women. It eliminated the abandonment of children, born and then left to die because they were unwanted. It spearheaded the establishment of hospitals and of schools and of orphanages.” Why did the Christian faith tend to transform the culture where it resided?

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      The Christian faith is all about loving one another, peace, joy, sympathy, caring, etc… Christianity deals with the heart of people, and when you change the heart, so many positive results can occur, like transforming the culture.

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      Because when there is a true change of heart among people because of their relationship with Christ, they bring abut real change. It is because people can see their true heart!

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      It showed the world how Godly people could change society by helping people through their darkest times. They were able to change the culture by acting on their love for people.

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      I believe the Christian faith tended to transform the culture where it resided (and still can today) because as believers, we see we are all made in the image of God. We are all His image-bearers and have value. If we see from conception that all life has value, that changes how we view the person with whom we may be in conflict, or believes differently that we do. This in turn causes us to want to help others out of the love for others instead of trying to rid ourselves of them. It causes us to want to help them see their own value is in Christ alone and through that, their lives can be better. Life will not always be easier but it can be better through the realization of what Christ can do in transforming others lives and take them out of their bondage to sin into the freedom found only in Christ.

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      The Christian faith, following the teachings of Christ, will always transform the hearts of those who hear its message, no matter the time, place, or culture.

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      Because that is the nature of God: transformation.

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      The Christian faith tended to transform the culture where it resided because that is what happens when you experience Jesus in your life. He changes your life, which in turn makes you want to help others experience the same change. After a large portion of a society experiences Jesus, it creates changes in the laws an resources available in that society. Which in turn creates a positive turn in the society overall. It is the areas of society where Jesus is denied, that you see darkness and the blind leading the blind in an attempt to fix the problems that only Jesus can.

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      When people serve God with a whole and genuine heart, He is able to work miracles accomplish great things.

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      Woo seob

      Christianity certainly has a good influence on society. The reason is that God loves society. And because Christians prevent corruption with light and salt and brighten the darkness.

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      The Christian faith is very transformative. Christianity speaks to people’s hearts as well as to their minds. When we open ourselves up to a relationship with Christ, it transforms us from within. This transformation causes us to change, and it was no different from the early believers. The shift in people changed the culture and caused positive things to transpire.

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      Christine Sweeney

      Before Jesus came the only thing that the people knew was the rule of the Roman Empire under Caesar. He was a dictator and not a leader of peace and justice. If they didn’t follow the rules they were either stoned to death or crucified on a cross. They worshipped many false Gods. Jesus introduced a liberating rule of heart instead of political kingdom. Jesus called for a change in mind and heart and said we must view morally bankrupt people as individuals who need love and change rather than to be despised and rejected. He taught the disciples about a spiritual kingdom. The people were looking for Hope and a way out of their oppressed life. They had been hearing about the coming of the Messiah for years and finally He was there right before their eyes. They were desperate. I believe that as Americans we are so spoiled and most people do not think they need a Savior because they have every material thing they need. However, these people were poor and oppressed so they were hungry for what Jesus had for them. We need to get desperate for the word of God. I always said everybody needs to go to another country where they have nothing and live for awhile and see how desperate for God you will become.

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      Jesus. Jesus led this by example when He gave value to women and children, preached peace and offered healing. As followers of Christ multiplied in number, the hearts of these people were broken and bent towards what was important to Jesus. It was a transformation of self that then moves out to transform the community and culture.

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      Judith kamugisha

      The Christian faith tend to transform the culture in the society because when we became a believer the Bible says we are the light and the salt of world. Matthew 5:13-16.

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      I believe the Christian faith transformed society because it has a strong foundation and is backed with biblical truth. God calls us to feed the hungry, give to the needy, take care of the most vulnerable. Because people started looking to Christ for answers, they were guided by the Holy Spirit to be able to do these wonderful acts in society.

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      The Christians faith tend to transform the culture where it reside because of their moral and spiritual influences. They are called to be salt and light of the earth and are obligated to continue Christ Ministry of Preaching, Teaching and Healing as he taught them in Matthew 5:1-10

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      The Christian faith tends to transform the culture where it resided,because of God’s love in them and light which Jesus had imparted on through holy spirit (Roman 5:5 ,”God has given us the Holy spirit to fill our hearts with his love.

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      The Christian faith tends to transform the culture where it resides because the love and light of God can drive out all over darkness. It is a ripple effect that begins with the individual and will eventually change the entire leadership and direction of a society.

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      The Christian faith tends to transform the culture around it when the followers of the faith live out God’s love for those around them. When there is need, and Christians see that it is meant, people respond. And, when Christians step up and step in – as Jesus did for us – people begin to see Him in us, us as an extension of Him.

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      I believe it was because of love. The first members of Christianity loved and cared for each other as well as those who needed help. They were sharing the love of Christ with everyone.

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      Kevin Menear

      Christian faith transforms culture through the power of Christ who transforms the world.

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      Because it transforms the hearts of people, and that is where these problems lie.

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      Christianity seems to influence and change culture wherever it is because the gospel in itself changes people. Because of the changed heart, and transformed mind, a change in action has to follow. The scripture says, “Therefore, if anyone be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things have passed away, behold all things are made new.” To be Christian, is to be change. If people change at their core, changes will follow.

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      When a persons heart is changed by believing in Christ’s redemption, they act differently. Their beliefs begin to follow those of Jesus. It creates a trickle-down effect where as a person’s life is transformed, that transformation effects the family which in turn effects those outside the family.

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      Because as “salt of the earth” Christian’s “spiritual and moral influence helps prevent society’s decay.” “Followers of Christ have reached out to their neighbors with the gospel while sacrificially caring for those in need.” From the bible prophets all the way to 20th century “followers of Christ exercise an uplifting force in society when they combine zealous propagation of the gospel social concern for the poor, and a love-filled burden for doing good in the name of Christ.”

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      Our Daily Bread
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