Genesis 1:14-19 records the purpose for stars, planets, sun, and moon in the design of nature. What is it? How does the cycle of four changing seasons illustrate life after death?

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      Ingrid Gustafson

      The creation of all stars, planets, sun and moon is perfect. God truly wanted his handiwork to glorify him so man could not boast. The cycle of nature is reflected in the four seasons. It is a reminder that everything can change. Nothing is really permanent and I believe God wanted us to always remember that we will be cold then hot. We will have rain and droughts, but neither will last. We have to be cold and we have to be hot so we remember that the beauty of the cycle is that true rest and true comfort will come when we physically die and live with Christ. I believe God wanted us to remember that our this natural cycle will be balanced once we are with Him in heaven.

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      The stars used for navigation. They got the wise men to Christ upon his birth! And gave Mary and Joseph income. By God’s creation of the sun, He gave us warmth, vitamins for our bodies. And the moon gives us light at night. The planets could be a place for God’s other children.
      The 4seasons all have birth and death.
      “A good name is better than fine perfume and the day of death is better than the day of birth.”. Ecc.7:1

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      Through the patterns of day and night and the seasons we are given a reminder of God’s faithfulness as well as the plan of birth, life, growth, maturity, death, and rebirth. Daily we are reborn from our slumber to a vibrant new day that the Lord has shown faithful to provide. However as this day progresses our energy begins to wain to the point we need sleep, only to repeat this process again. Nature also testifies birth-rebirth process in that new life occurs in the spring and death begins in fall. Our faithful God assures us with every spring that all things will be made new again, and that even though our mortal bodies may decay we will be with him in heaven.

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      You live, you have children, raise your children in your belief and you die physically. Your spirit moves on to heaven and your offspring start the cycle all over again

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      God made the stars and the planets for His glory and to show His handiwork. He also made them to give light in space and on earth. God made the sun to give us light during the day and the moon and the stars to give us light at night. They also separate the light from darkness. In spring and summer represents our early life when we are younger and we are growing physically and spiritually. In the fall we get older and you are starting to die. In the winter is when we die, but just like the seasons spring comes back around, which we will be alive again in heaven.

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      He created the sun to give us light in the day and to govern it, and the moon to give us light at night and also to govern it. He made the stars to govern both day and night, and to separate the light from the darkness. Fall is like Jesus he knew that he would die for us, Winter is when he died for us to save us, the Spring is like the resurrection of Jesus and the renewal of Him, and the Summer is when he has His followers spread of His wonderful works and to lead other to Him.

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      Our Daily Bread
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