Give an example either from your life or the life of someone you’ve observed where a leader has reaped what he/she sowed (this can be positive or negative). Discuss how this impacted both the leader and the people under his/her leadership.

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      I served under a pastor who sowed dissension among the staff. Lies circulated and people were wounded. The dissension reduced the congregation by about 2/3 of its original size. The ministry of the church lost credibility in the community. It has taken years to recover.

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      Many years ago my friends’ church had a preacher who was scripturally conservative and had a great zeal for evangelism. His leadership style however was very heavy handed and positional. He has zero tolerance for any resistance or even discussion regarding decision he made for the church. If a lay-person even questioned his decision he would make church life intolerable for their entire family. When they left for another church he would celebrate. Finally when he had driven off most of the solid lay-leaders his self-focused attitude moved to money. He began to spend church finances as if they were his. The remaining lay-leaders were forced to confront him and the church forced him out. He took a few member with him in an attempted a church split. His efforts failed. Those members returned, as well as many of the strong leaders he had driven off over the years. My friend church flourished and God provided them a wonderful past to heal there wounds. The over-bearing preacher has made several attempts at church ministry but God has never blessed any of them and God continues to deny him a front line leadership role years later.

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      Sticking with the unholy alliance, I am apart of a church who in its midlife made and unholy alliance. It was told through prophets not to accept money from an individual/group. Despite the warning it accepted the finances. To this day it has been severely hindered by accepting the funds. Within a couple years it will even have to close its doors because of its unholy alliance

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      I worked with this lady a few times a week an one day I came in an she short with me , I just thought she was having a bad day my Pastor says don’t take the actions of others to heart they could be having a bad day. So when I left for the weekend she wrote such a nasty text an I asked her what was wrong with her she came back with more of the same so I just stopped communication with her.This went on for a while, we have a mutual friend then she started saying I shouldn’t listen to her I told what makes you think I would discuss you with anyone? Oh my goodness she called me everything but a child of God mind you she said she was a Christian to? I found out way she was so nasty with to client would tell her do it like Eulalia that set her off long story short it cost her her job

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      There was a season in my life where a Pastor went astray from the Word and began to preach the Word from worldly sources and as a result, half the congregation left. Once he realized that he was lead astray by listening to the wise counsel of leadership, began preaching God’s truth again and as a result, the church began to grow again.

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      My pastor has always taught me if you get someone’s heart you’ll have their ears. I’ve seen my pastor do this over and over again. To honest that’s how we met. Showing love to others gives a bright light to a dark world. The Bible say that we can faith, hope and love , but the greatest of these is love.

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      A few years ago there was an incident in my church where two churches members were accused of doing some unbiblical things. The 2 deacons in the church wanted the two members to have to face up to what they had done. Another member of the church who had for years been looked up to as one of the main leaders of the church defended one of the people involved (that person was related to him). It caused a deep facture in our church and even now some years later part of the church won’t support hardly anything the other side is trying to do. It has not only hurt the people of the church, it has also damaged the reputation of the church in the community.

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      I rememer working at a school that was trying to start up a football program. They hired an Athletic Director to help faciliate this new program and get it up and running. He invested in the student body and held information meetings to recruite players , cheerleaders, student trainers, and student coaches. He organized lunch activites and even created a club to create a community of people that would be involved in the football program. Eventually, a team was formed and started practicing. After practices, players would participate in student dinners and hangouts. Even though this football team did not win 1 place, they did create a community that was filled with support, wholesome relationships, and trust. This Athletic Director poured into the people and in return a strong program was produced.

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      I’ve seen on television ministry how ministers aligned with ungodly politicians, and persuaded their congregation, and listeners to do the same. Only to be embarrassed and ridiculed publicly after the politician shows the whole world just how ungodly they are.

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      I’ve seen many times where my father, a pastor/evangelist/church planter made good decisions that furthered God’s kingdom. Many were saved under his and my mom’s ministries. They also took care of orphans in many orphanages in multiple countries. The last decision I witnessed my father make was mentoring
      and working closely with an individual who made personal lifestyle choices contrary to the Bible. This caused much confusion for the family and church members / ministry supporters. Before any intervention or healing could take place, my father passed away.

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      I know of a senior pastor who had been working hard enough to spread the gospels. After the second world war, he had to take up a full-time job to supplement his living expenses. The church could only afford to pay him meagre allowances. He was also elected as a Head of the pastoral group or Bishop for two consecutive terms.
      Under his leadership, the church continued to grow until its present size. So, the current church leadership is reaping what the senior pastors and the lay leaders have sowed in the past.

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      I learned the delegation lesson the hard way. I was a leader who would do everything myself to ensure that it would get done by my standards. This was a horrible mistake as I became overworked and didn’t have anyone to assist when one of my projects began to suffer due to me not being able to complete task in a timely manner. Since then I’ve learned that delegation is a good thing. Instead of taking over projects I’ve learned to teach, delegate and provide guidance without micromanaging the project.

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