Give an example of a connotation associated with a place that is familiar to you.

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      My home and small farm is a familiar and favorite place of mine. It is my place of love, peace and refuge.

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      I have been traveling to Tennessee for the past year and a half. On my first trip, I found an old covered bridge over a small river. Every time I travel, I always go to my little spot. It is absolutely beautiful and the most peaceful place I’ve ever been. It’s my most favorite place on earth.

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      Our family spent about three years off and on living in Cambridge, England. To us this was a place for scholars, for the learnt and it had a special atmosphere about it. People there seemed to enjoy reading and appreciated beauty. At the open market of the town center, where old books and fresh flowers were brought in daily, people would purchase them like hot cakes. By noon none of these were left except for the fruits and the groceries. To us, it was an intellectual miniature British Disneyland.

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      The place I live in is often associated with a plural society, tropical climates, attractive tourist locations, and various food types. You may have to be extra sensitive to each other cultures and language, as a particular word in one language may have different or wrong meaning in other languages.

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